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I'm Tina Buenzli.

I can't wait to help you

Elevate your Health!


Author & Founder

Stage IV Cancer Survivor

Let me introduce myself and
Triumph Over Health

Why You Need

Triumph Over Health

Cancer Diagnosis

  • 1 in 2 men

  • 1 in 3 women

  • 598,100 deaths/year

Kidney Disease

  • 14.8% of population

  • 661,000 have kidney failure

  • 468,000 on dialysis

  • 2.7 per 1000 children have chronic kidney disease


  • 1 in 59 children diagnosed/year 


  • Children: 1 in 6, ages 2-19

  • Adults: 1 in 3

Death Rate ~ ages 25-44

  • 21% increase 2012-2017

  • Injuries, drug overdose, suicide

Digestive Diseases

  • 70 million diagnosed/year


  • 40 million diagnosed/year


  • 16.1 million diagnosed/year


  • 45,000 deaths/year

Liver Disease

  • 3 million people diagnosed/year

  • 40,500 deaths/year

Infertility ~ Women ages 15-44

  • Infertile: 6.7%

  • Impaired fertility: 12.1% 


  • 50 million diagnosed/ year

  • 5.1 million teenagers treated

Death Rate ~ ages 45-64

  • 6.9% increase 2012-2017

Statistics quoted from NIH - National Institute of Health and  CDC - Center for Disease Control

What We Provide

Everything You Need.

And More.


Organ Cleanse,





Pure &








Grocery Store


Meal Plans




That Matter










Lab Tests




Products &


 true health




Step-by-Step Guides for Natural Therapies & Disease Prevention  that Elevates Health, Betters Performance

and helps give you the

Mind & Body you've ALWAYS Dreamed Of...

It's time to take control of your life
so you can
Triumph Over Health!
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Detoxification Programs

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Featured Products & Services

Make Health Easy With These Customer Favorites

  • Synergy Science Qi Shield - 5G protectio

    5G EMF Protection

    Qi Devices™ create protective areas that depolarize and reduce EMF exposure, making it biologically safe

  • Organic Meal Delivery

    Science-backed Meal Plans designed to help you lose weight & add muscle. Keto, Paleo, Macro, Vegetarian &  More!

  • Colloidal Silver Maker

    Help prevent colds and flu with NASA's premier Colloidal Silver water. 

  • US Wellness Meats - 100 percent grassfed

    100% Grass-fed Meat

    100% grass-fed and finished beef, bison, organic poultry & more! Delivery to your door! So good!

  • Omega Masticating Juicer - best juicer -


    Elevate your health to a whole new level with this masticating juicer. Economical and truly the best juicer on the market.

  • Farm Fresh to you - organic fruits and v

    Organic Fruits & Vegetables

    Organic food and produce delivered to your doorstep. Tailored to your needs. It's amazing!

  • Buy doTERRA Essential Oils here - Triump

    Organic Essential Oils

    World's best & most potent essential oils. Included are Hemp extracts and other immune boosters & products as well.

  • Vital Choice - Wild Seafood - wild salmo

    Wild Fish Delivered

    Vital Choice delivers your favorite fish to your doorstep - Always wild! Shrimp, Lobster, Crab, Salmon, ...

  • Berkey Water Filter - best water filter

    Berkey Water Filter

    The best stand alone water filter you can buy. Removes pesticides, and 99.999% of toxins. Many sizes...

  • 100 Percent Pure Make-up and Body and Ha

    Organic & Natural Make-up

    100 Percent Pure & Natural Make-up and Body Products. Gluten-free & organic cosmetic line. A favorite!

  • Grocery Delivery

    Your favorite organic & non-GMO brands at up to 50% off - delivered to your door! Eat healthier, save time and money!

  • Suzanne Organics Hair care - gluten-free

    Organic Hair & Body

    Healthy hair and amazing skin with this organic and gluten-free line. Love it!

Coronavirus Survival Plan Triumph Over H
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Everything we do here at
Triumph Over Health
Make Sense Medicine.
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Triumph Over Health
Is here to provide you with the *Natural resources
you knew existed out there somewhere
that would allow you to
Take Back Your Health  
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