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If there is one thing I have learned it's that Detoxing your Organs will change your life for the better. Even when we were struggling to find all the root causes making me sick, detoxification of my organs rapidly improved my health, mental clarity, energy and my body shape.

If you can answer YES to any of the following questions, then Detox could be beneficial for you!

  • Brian Fog?

  • Overweight?

  • Low Energy?

  • Bloated Stomach?

  • Constipated?

  • Hormone Issues?

  • Thyroid Issues?

  • Autoimmune Issues?

  • Vaxx Side Effects?

  • Transmission Issues?

  • Leaky Gut?

  • Get Sick Often?

  • Travel Abroad?

  • Drink Tap Water?

  • Have Used Drugs?

  • Have Breast Implants?

  • Use Birth Control?

  • Have Had Any Type of Dental Procedure?

  • Stressful Life?

  • Work Around Toxins (heavy metals, laboratories, on a farm, pesticides)?

(Hint: By the time a person is 18 years old, they have been exposed to enough toxins to warrant a full body detox! We are SURROUNDED by toxins in our Food, Water and Air)

These Detox Programs are designed to show you how I got on an Actual Road to HEALING.

Each Organ Detox is not only presented in a Step-by-Step format, but in the order it should be done. Yes - it matters!!! You will receive a Shopping List with links directing to the products needed for the cleanses. PRODUCTS ARE NOT INCLUDED at this time.


In addition, you will receive recommended dietary suggestions to enhance your detoxification efforts and overall feeling of wellness. If this is your first time to detox - be patient with yourself! You will have a lot of back-up of toxins that need to be released. The most important thing to do is just START.

I am just so happy you are here and taking this important step in improving your health.

These Ultimate Organ Cleanses are what I used to gain back my energy, youthfulness, sharp mind and healthy body.


Start TODAY! Your body will love you for it!!!

Organ Detox

Detox your major Organs.
Free up the Immune System so it can do its job Effectively.

Step 1 Colon Cleanse Detox Program TOH Store Product Categories.jpg

Step 1:
Colon Detox

Pathogen TOH Program Title Page Download .png

Step 4:
Pathogen Detox

Skin Detox and Regeneration TOH Program Download.png

Step 7:
Skin Detox &

Step 2 Small Intestine Detox Program - TOH Store Product Categorie 8 x 11.jpg

Step 2:
Small Intestine Detox

Liver Gallbladder TOH Program Title Page Download .png

Step 5:
Liver/Gallbladder Flush

Detox Baths & Hydration TOH Program Download.png

Step 8:
Detox Baths &

Kidney TOH Program Title Page Download.png

Step 3:
Kidney Detox

Heavy Metal TOH Program Title Page Download .png

Step 6:
Heavy Metal Detox

Bonus Detox RemediesTOH Program Download.png

Detox Programs

Covid Shot Detox

Dealing with side effects from the Covid Shot or from Transmission? Help release spike proteins from your organs with this Bath.

Cover Page Detox Programs Downloads  - Covid Shot and Booster Detox Bath Solo.jpg

Covid Shot & Booster Detox Bath

If you have not yet read the Blog Post on

"How to Neutralize What We Are Being Exposed To"
"Real Pandemic Protocol", you can do so HERE.

**The article is loaded with research, doctor links, super important supplements to protect the immune system and MORE! It has been read over 130,000 times so far and is being forwarded across the world. Don't miss out on this life saving data!

Mind & Spirit Detox

Health Resources that unblock pathways so a connection can happen.
Meditation and Spiritual Resources included.

**Note: There is a video lecture that accompanies this FREE Informational Download.
When you "View Program" you will be provided with multiple video platform links so you can listen to the lecture I was invited to give. Don't miss this life-changing information. We are more powerful than you can even imagine!

Instructional Download - Telegram Connecting to God Consciousness and His Guidance TOH.jpg

Connecting to God Consciousness &
His Guidance

Whole Body Detox

MMS1 and MMS2 are oxidizers that destroy poisons and
kill pathogens in the body by oxidation. Once the water of the body is purified, and many of the poisons oxidized, the body can then heal the body.

MMS Chlorine Dioxide Cover for website Home Page 8.5x11.png

MMS aka
Miracle Mineral Supplement

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