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Why Choose Us?

    • Purity in products, the best offered in every category.
    • 1000's of hours of research and time spent sourcing all Programs, Health Tools, Organ Cleanses, and Non-toxic, Natural Supplements offered in the TOH Store.
    • Every resource has been part of my healing journey and tested personally, providing detoxification, high energy and immune power to the body.

    You have given me much needed hope. Even though I fell off the wagon, I knew you would still be here and that I could refer back to what you have suggested. You continue to inspire me and I love how passionate you are. I can't tell you how often I bring you up especially when I hear people in my network who are suffering.


    CVID - Severely Immune Compromised

    About Us?

    Stage IV Cancer and all the other diseases that seemed to come along with it changed my life for the better. The journey may have been long and challenging at times, but it truly was a blessing for me. I now have the privilege to get to share with you the culmination of my research and naturals therapies that have been proven by various doctors and scientists to engage the immune system, detoxify the body, feed the cells and as a result increase the overall energy and clarity of the mind and body. Some of these remedies have been around for over a 1000 years!

    The Programs, Downloads, Products and Consultations offered in the TOH Store are designed for the average person, sick or NOT. They are meant to help you elevate your health to its highest potential, so a long and healthy life can be your future. I hope you choose to come along for the ride. May you find that your health journey is as worthwhile and exciting as I have found my own.

    Tina Buenzli

    Author & Founder

    Stage IV Cancer Survivor

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