The Making of True Health

Mind ~Body ~ Spirit

In order to have "True Health" the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT must be in HARMONY.


If any part of that equation is "off" then your cells will be in disarray and you will actually feel the discord, and then sickness may set in. This section is here to help you find this balance. I am bringing to light various topics I researched in depth that I worked on in order to bring balance back to my life and my body. Each individual section of Mind, Body and Spirit were created to bring you tools and resources to help you start on the journey to Triumph Over Health. 

To further your discovery, I have also included many BOOKS I have read that I believed to be crucial to my understanding on what could be causing my cells to malfunction. These books included many tools and resources that helped me correct the many issues that were found.


As we say in our family - Go BIG - or GO HOME!

All in all, just remember,

Give the body what it needs. It's the body that self-corrects.

Life is a Journey ~ ENJOY THE RIDE!

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