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Spirit Connection

If you do not believe in God or a higher power, then this section will be difficult for you to comprehend. I still hope you will read the various sections though because my experiences were very real and witnessed by others, thus proving there is a higher source. I grew up believing in God, yet the sicker I got the more I let my Christianity fall by the wayside. God did not let this go on for very long as HE had greater plans for me than I could have every imagined. This website is proof, as this was NEVER my plan, and it is entirely divine inspired. I write what and when "it comes to me" so if there is a lull in my writing, it is because I am being directed elsewhere for the time being. Strange to hear, I know. But I have learned to LISTEN and FOLLOW what I HEAR from my THOUGHTS. I desire for you is inspire you to take a step back, and if you have lost your FAITH, realize it can be regained at a deeper level than you can ever imagine. Be patient with yourself and God. There is ALWAYS A PLAN. ♥ Tina

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