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What we put on our Face, Head/Hair and Body definitely makes a difference in how youthful we look and how healthy our skin and body feels. Using Organic, Natural and Gluten-free products does have an effect. Because just 1 drop of a pesticide, such as Round-up in as large a body of water as a swimming pool has proven to cause cancer, I make sure my Beauty products are all organic. You may notice that all the products I have listed are gluten-free as well and this is because the holding bins for grains in the USA are loaded with mold and fungus. I don't know about you, but the last place I want mold and fungus is on my face, head and body!


Take into consideration that our skin is our largest detoxification system, so keeping it open and toxin free is essential to achieving overall health and beauty. If our skin is blocked, then our liver is overburdened and it will then continue to back up into other organs as it fills up.

If you are suffering from a skin condition, or deal with skin rashes or acne, you are actually dealing with an internal issue that is trying to come out of you. Your first healthy step is to start decreasing your toxic load on what you put on your skin. The beauty care industry is unregulated. You can only imagine what is in your normal store/mall bought brands. Beware! Even some companies claiming to be natural and transparent are still not organic or gluten-free. All those beauty products listed below are Triumph Over Health approved and meet my strict criteria. Here's to connecting you to a more youthful & glowing you! ♥

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Make-up & Brushes




Natural Bristle Face Brush
Face brush with all natural bristles. Great for deep cleaning and exfoliation for your pores. Leaves face smooth and looking younger.
All Natural Body Brush
Natural bristle Skin Brush with Long handle. The brush revitalizes and cleanses the skin. Use it to dry brush prior to getting into the bath or shower.
Natural Loofah Sponge
One Whole Egyptian Loofah 100% Natural SPA Beauty Bath Sponge. A great body scrubber. Premium Quality Lofa Loofa for exfoliating your skin. Use in the shower while wet and after dry brushing.
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Organic and Natural Tampons, Pads, Birth Control 

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