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God's Healing Waters

Anti-Aging AND Complete Body Healing

First of all, let me start by saying that WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO or should I just say - this all important healing treatment has been omitted from general health protocols. In the 30 years I've been doing some kind of medical research - 15 years very intensively - I have NEVER ONCE come across this method of healing.


There are over 168,000 published research studies on just one of the major component of this therapy - UREA. It is literally the most researched topic on the planet! This tells me "THEY KNOW" this is a huge healing modality - especially when you see how many pharma products have this component in it to treat a variety of health problems. Unfortunately, we have been taught this is a waste product so it takes some time to wrap your head around it. But once you do, you are off to the races and will start to see your body transform itself into a younger, more youthful, energized and healthier YOU.

Can you imagine taking 20-30 years off your age, both internally and externally in 9 months??? Yes, this can happen!

This Healing Water is over 95% super distilled water and the rest is loaded with your original STEM CELLS, and over 3000 healing compounds, vitamins, electrolytes, minerals and more! This liquid is actually super purified and distilled Blood Plasma. It can heal you AND it can keep you alive in even the most dyer of circumstances.

And guess what?


These Healing Waters are FREE!!!!! 

How? Well - our own body makes these healing waters. God literally gave you your own perfect medicine for what you need in any given moment. TRUTH!

Urotherapy has been used since ancient times and is considered "The Fountain of Youth," as there is no stronger compound known to man for restoring the body and improving your overall health and wellness.

It seems this Fountain of Youth is literally found within ourselves. Some Biblical texts hint to this phenomenon:

"Those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life" John 4: 13-14

Note: Search for "Living Water" in your favorite Bible app.

I highly suggest taking the class below whether you think you need it or not. This is so you can learn all that Urotherapy can do - because you never know if you or a family member may be in dire straights from an injury or health condition and a healing protocol is needed right away. I wish I had known about this PERFECT therapy years ago.

Urotherapy also known as Shivambu, is a 5000 year old Healing Modality That Has Been Used for Centuries Worldwide. Some countries even have clinics where they administer this therapy to the sick.

Urine is not a waste product. It is ultra-filtered blood that is only missing the red-colored cells, containing more than 3,000 enzymes, minerals, nutrients, amino acids, hormones, and compounds that are specific to what your body needs at that time.

Did you know that urea, a urine product, is used in most skin-care products. Urokinase, also a urine product, is used in drugs as the "miracle blood-clot dissolver"? And products like Murine are used to treat eyesight. It's also used in teeth whitening products - AND it has been used to treat Covid cases in 3 days, as well as to save those having severe conditions due to the VAXX and transmission. We can't afford to NOT know about this healing program!!! AND it is affordable and easily accessible at a moments notice for ALL!!!

The course listed just below is for anyone that is open-minded seeking solutions on how to reactivate their own self-healing mechanism. Learn how to properly use this "golden therapy" for yourself today by taking this course!

You will also find a couple of testimonials, some tools used while doing a variety of therapies as well as a couple of books (even more are available through a link given in the course.)

May all your health issues evaporate into thin air - may you find the youthfulness you have dreamed of obtaining once again. Sending you lots of love, research and healing modalities in this crazy world we live in. Blessings 

Urotherapy Course

Get Educated from a doctor who has been studying
Urotherapy for over 25 years.
Learn What it is, How to use it, Dosages, Science behind it and so much more!

Urotherapy - The Ancient Art of Self Healing - Dr Edward Group - Global Healing Institute


The Ancient Art of Self-Healing


Before and After photos to show you what happens to a body
on this ancient healing program in just a few months time.

Video Testimonial

A dying man saves his own life.
Listen to his wife tell you how.

Uro Products

Tools that can be used for a variety of Urotherapy Protocols.

**Note: Of course these products aren't all necessary. I'm just always researching ways to expand protocols or to make your life easier. I've done the research for you - all products are ALWAYS non-toxic and organic where need be. Triumph Over Health approved!

Stainless Steel and Glass Water Distiller - Urotherapy.jpg

Water Distiller
Stainless Steel w/ Glass

It is recommended to drink Distilled Water when partaking in Urotherapy. This device can also be used to distill your water for ICS machine also.

ball mason wide mouth quart jars with lids and bands, set of 12.jpg

Quart Sized Glass Jar
Set of 2

Easy to use for collection or for evolving the urine. Just cover with the organic cheesecloth and let sit.

Amber glass droppers.jpg

Amber Glass
Dropper Bottle

Dropper Bottle can be used for eye, ear and nose washing Urotherapy protocols. Primarily fresh orin is used.

10 oz Vaginal Silicone Douche for women - storage bag - comfortable cleaner - travel frien

Silicone Douche Kit

Can be used when doucheing fresh or evolved urine. Hits all the female parts including the breasts.

Foot Soaking Bucket Basin - Large Foot Soaking Tub.jpg

Foot Bath Tub

Perfect for a Foot Soak. Some people prefer the traditional foot tub. 

Ball Mason Jar 8-ounces Jelly Quilted Crystal.jpg

Glass 8oz Jars

Easy to use as a collection and drinking device.

Ball wide mouthed mason jar lids - leak proof - urotherapy - juicing.jpg

Ball Wide Mouth
Storage Lid

These leak proof lids are great for your wide mouth Ball Jars. I use them for juicing also. They also make regular size lids as well.

Nasal Spray Bottles - amber glass bottle - Urotherapy.jpg

Nasal Spray Bottles
5 pieces

Can be used to easily spray fresh urine into your nasal cavity. Helps get it up to your brain as well.

Tinkle Bell Female Urination Device - Plastic and Silicone - Pee Funnel - Allows women to

The Tinkle Belle
Female Urination Device

Great to use when away from home, hiking/camping or unclean environments.

Foot Bath Spa Massager Foot Soaking Bath Basin - Movable Foot Soak Tub - Pedicure Foot Spa

Foot Bath Booties

Such an easy way to do a foot soak while conserving evolved Orin. I thought this was pretty crafty! 

Note: Available in High Top also.

Ball wide mouthed mason jars 16 oz.jpg

Ball 16oz Jars
Set of 5

Easy to use as a collection and drinking device.

Organic and Unbleached Cheesecloth.jpg

Organic Cheesecloth
Reusable & Washable

Cheesecloth is used to cover the jar when aging or evolving your urine in order to multiply your stem cells

Silicone Enema Bag Kit - 2 Quart Capacity.jpg

Silicone Enema Bag Kit

Used for the Enema protocol. Can be used together with Coffee enema or alone by itself with fresh or aged Orin.

Female Urination Device - Silicone - Pee Funnel - Allows women to pee standing up - Urothe

Female Urination Device

Ladies, this is definitely not needed for day to day. However, some have said they like doing it this way. Especially useful for those bedridden. 

Heavy Absorbency Bed Pad - Washable and Resuable - Waterproof Mattress Protector.jpg

Heavy Absorbency Pads
Waterproof & Washable

An easy and clean way to utilize the Foot Bath Tub or Foot Booties if you wanted to do this Foot soak in the house.


Manual for Urine Therapy Teachers and Therapists - Deepen your knowledge of Urine Therapy.

Manual for Urine Therapy Teachers & Therapists

An excellent resource for all whether you are an educator or not. 

The Golden Fountain - The Complete Guide to Urine Therapy - Coen Van Der Kroon - Urotherap

The Golden Fountain
The Complete Guide to Urine Therapy

An excellent book by an incredible man out to help others heal from conditions once thought incurable.

Your Own Perfect Medicine - The Incredible Proven Natural Miracle Cure that Medical Scienc

Your Own Perfect Medicine

Your Own Perfect Medicine: The Incredible Proven Natural Miracle Cure that Medical Science Has Never Revealed!

The Human Body Owners Workshop Manual - by Allegedly K A Dave - Urotherapy.jpg

The Human Body Owners Workshop Manual

An excellent book by an incredible man out to help others heal from conditions once thought incurable.

The Healing Water from Within Handbook - Self Heal - Urotherapy - Miracle Healing - Brothe

Healing Water
from Within

Discover the ancient secret of Youthing and Self-Healing that is bringing miracles to a modern world.

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