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Cancer 101

Important Cancer Basics:

  • We ALL make cancer cells each and every day. A strong immune system keeps these cells in check.

  • If a person undergoes huge amounts of stress, a major accident or trauma, an overload of toxins, or a severe burn, the immune system can get over burdened and cancer cells can begin to grow out of control.

  • By the time a cancer diagnosis is received using common diagnosis testing methods, a person has already had cancer on average for 8-12 years.

  • Cancer tends to thrive in a body where the immune system is weak, and where the body is not only out of balance, but also in a state of acidity, dampness, low cell energy and high toxicity.  

  • Cancer Tutor's article on, "What Is Cancer?" and The Truth About Cancer's, "17 Cancer Facts Every Person Needs To Know" are additional FACT articles that should be read so that a basic understanding can be gained.

Looking back, what would I do first if I were diagnosed with Cancer again?  

1) BREATHE.  Read and understand "Cancer Basics" above.  BREATHE AGAIN. Then I would ask for help from my family and friends to begin going through the following 7 Steps. I would accept the fact that I needed to take the time to do some research to make sure I gathered as much information as I could on as many healing programs as possible. I would not react quickly. I would realize the importance of truly "Understanding Cancer and How It Works," so I could make sure I made the best decision for ME given my situation. I would be thorough before I made one single move, unless there was a blockage of some kind causing an immediate life threatening situation.

2) Watch the Docu-Series The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest so I could understand some basics about cancer, and true preventatives and treatment protocols that are being used at different clinics around the world. Ty and Charlene Bollinger lost several family members to cancer before realizing they were missing something and there had to be more progress in the fight against cancer. Their mission became educating people worldwide on cancer and all the cancer treatments that were actually being used and working

    Watch Every Video by Dr. Nicholas Gonzales here at I learned so much about cancer and how to go about healing my body from everything tearing my immune system apart from him. Such a Godsend!

3) Start searching for an Oncologist or Cancer Clinic that fits my viewpoint on how to heal the body from cancer. Visit the Cancer Tutor Cancer Clinic Database - now known as "Cancer Doctor" and start calling various clinics to see if they are a fit for you and have the types of healing programs you might be interested in. Cancer Tutor's Cancer Doctor is a brand new website they branched into that is building a large database of clinics around the world that list the treatments each clinic offers, where they are located and contact information. It is excellent! I wish I had this new website available to me when I had been diagnosed.  


Cancer Tutor is run by The Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF). Their purpose is to research and report on the most effective natural cancer treatments available. They help develop some of the most powerful natural cancer treatment protocols in the world. 

Some of my favorite Advanced Medicine Cancer MD's:

4) Book a Consultation with Tina Buenzli and Triumph Over Health. Save yourself 1000's of hours of research time. Get to the root cause(s) of your cancer, get educated on how the body and cancer work, and get resources for the top natural healing products and doctors to begin changing your health immediately.

5) Visit the website Christ Beat Cancer  and download Chris Wark's FREE Guide on 20 Questions To Ask Your Oncologist, and make sure I asked any Oncologist I met with these very important questions. I would also spend some time going through Chris' website. He has a lot of great information and interviews on his site. Better yet, Purchase his new book on Healing Cancer Naturally HERE

6) Purchase the online video series The Cellect-Budwig Protocol. This 26 course series is one of the top Stage IV Alternative Cancer Treatment Protocols on the market. According to Cancer Tutor, this cancer treatment is one of the crown jewels of alternative medicine. It is the strongest and fastest acting alternative cancer treatment which does not have any restrictions. It does not cause inflammation or swelling. It frequently shrinks tumors and reduces pain within a couple of weeks. It can be used by any cancer patient, or advanced cancer patient, dealing with any type of cancer.

This treatment was specifically designed for any cancer patients, with emphasis on advanced cancer,  who need to have an alternative cancer treatment which starts to become effective within days, not weeks or months. This protocol is based on a combination of two of the fastest acting alternative cancer treatments available. Both the Cellect Protocol and the Budwig Protocol are known to be quickly effective, plus they avoid creating inflammation and swelling. In addition to the two main treatments (Cellect and Budwig), the protocol includes several other treatments which are very effective in getting rid of cancer cells, re-balancing the body (i.e. the inner terrain) and eliminating toxins from the body.

Cancer Tutor suggests that cancer patients are strongly advised to work with an expert in their main treatment protocol. This protocol has excellent support available from Tiffany Redel (the daughter of  Mike Vrentas). Michael has more than 17 years' experience in alternative medicine and who designed this protocol. He has developed a video series with detailed information about the protocol. There is also Skype support for personal consultations available with his daughter Tiffany. Do not attempt this protocol without viewing the video series. This article cannot detail all of the different situations cancer patients might face when using this protocol. Consultations are available after viewing the series.

I have personally worked with Mike Vrentas and this program. His knowledge, as well as the research from the doctors and scientists that comprise this program made all the difference in the world for me and my healing my Stage IV Melanoma Cancer. Even if you decide not to follow the protocol, the knowledge you will gain on how to attack cancer is immeasurable. You will not believe how cheap it is for what you get. You can purchase it HERE.  

7) Return to Cancer Tutor and read EVERYTHING I could. The information on this site is invaluable. This will result in more questions to add to the list, as well as more research that would need to be done. This is why I recommend asking for help. Your mind has a lot to absorb. Make sure and read about your particular cancer, and the treatment protocols recommended for your type of cancer and stage. There are lots of FREE eBooks that will educate you on what is recommended to attack your cancer. Like I said, there is a lot of information on this website. Do not discount it! 



Other ways you can find qualified doctors is by watching The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest. Like I stated above, you will listen to many specialists around the world who treat cancer naturally, while not damaging the immune system. If you decide to purchase the series, you will have all the names of the doctors interviewed, whether they made the final cut or not.

Suzanne Somers' book Knockout: Interviews With Doctors Curing Cancer and How To Prevent Getting It In The First Place .The back of the book has many resources.   

Another way to find an oncologist is to attend a cancer conference IN PERSON and meet some of these incredible doctors. I will keep you posted on upcoming conferences that specialize in natural and immune boosting protocols. I learned an incredible amount of information just by attending conferences. I was even able to speak personally with several of these experts after their lecture. I was enlightened on several other possible root causes to my cancer and conditions. Let's just say, they were definitely worth the time spent! 

Make sure and Sign-up for the Living Healthy Newsletter so you don't miss any of these outstanding conferences or new resources I come across. You will also receive health tips, healthy recipes, detoxification protocols, and so much more. Don't miss out and Sign-up now!

Outstanding Books On Healing Cancer Naturally

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Need Help Getting to the Root Cause of  Your Cancer? Listen to this Talk 

Important Blog Posts On Cancer & Healing

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