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Frequently Asked Questions

Tina Buenzli
July 2022
(7+ years and counting!)

What Diseases/Conditions have you been formally diagnosed with?


The list is long and distinguished…


It showed me that, so much can be going on INSIDE the body that we never knew was happening. Our bodies are essentially a multi-layered onion. As we peel back a layer, we may need to address the next issue that has now surfaced. I have laughed with many a doctor and researcher that I have a VERY LARGE onion. ;)


*Stage IV Melanoma Cancer: Original Melanoma site on back, left shoulder blade that my husband found, cancer in the lymph nodes with a high mitotic rate (cancer generating quickly), Nodule on one Lung, 2 growths on Kidney. 4 years later I was testing a cancer treatment and found a 2nd Melanoma site. BOTH moles had been thoroughly checked out my Stanford Hospitals top Melanoma Specialist at MY REQUEST. I was told that BOTH moles were NORMAL. THEY WERE BOTH MALIGNANT (and very deep. And yes, I have PROOF how bad the 2nd one was. Detailed pictures coming soon!)

*Stage IV Endometriosis and Adenomyosis (extensive disease wrapped around all my major organs, nerves and ligaments)

*Hoshimoto’s Thyroditis Autoimmune Disease

*Osteonecrosis of Jawbone – Cavitations below all 4 wisdom teeth extractions 8mm, 9mm, 11mm and 12mm holes in my jawbones filled with puss​ 

*Mercury and other heavy metals in my system (Previous Mercury filling)

*Parasite Infection – very extensive

*Intestinal Permeability/Leaky gut (causing many food intolerances)

*Liver, Kidneys and Pancreas Inflamed

*Degenerative Spondylolistheses of the Spine at L4-L5; Facet Arthritis

*Degenerative Left Hip Socket/ Degenerative Right Hip Socket

*High levels of Pertussis Vaccine in my body holding up many systems from healing

*Black Mold exposure – Found it attached onto my spine, lungs and sinus cavity

*Adrenal Dysfunction

*Multiple Allergies to Animals, Plants and Foods

*Candidiasis - High levels small & large intestine


*Mycoplasma Pneumoniae

*Epstein Barr Virus - High

*Herpesvirus 6

*Staph Infection


In 2017 I was laughing together with one of my doctors when he was asking what I was doing one day in his office. I replied that I was “high fiving” my body. He said he had never heard of someone doing that but it definitely seem apropos after my body had recently made it successfully through a dental surgery with massive cavitations and infection, as well as simultaneously through black mold exposure and vaccine detoxification. I continue to be in awe of what our bodies can overcome when given the chance. Our bodies are amazing!

Do you have just one doctor?


Not exactly.


I have one main doctor that does extensive testing on me to monitor my circulating stem and tumor cells (the cells that cause cancer to metastasize), and then others who specialize in other areas that this doctor doesn’t address. I made it a point to create a TEAM of Doctors and Researchers so that way I could be educated in many areas of the body and how they interact, as well as on various healing methods that especially dealt with cancer, the immune system and hidden conditions. But I do keep them all up to date on what the other has suggested for continued healing.

What natural therapies have you used to heal from all these conditions? 

I have focused primarily on upping and balancing the energy in my cells and killing any bad cells, microbes and organisms through the use of energy machines and bio-oxidative therapies; detoxifying my mind, cells and organs every which way I can; and then providing essential nutrients and trace minerals to my body through supplementation and organic food and juicing. 

What prescription medications are you on, if any?


I am on Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT) – a natural form of thyroid replacement from bovine. I am also on bio-identical hormones due to having had a hysterectomy and my ovaries removed due to the extensiveness of the Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. Everything else I take is also completely natural and are supplements, most in raw form, and completely bio-identical to the body - meaning the body can read it and use it due to it being a natural substance.

Do you have any regrets?


Only one – letting the doctors and surgeons, when I was first diagnosed with cancer, operate on my left shoulder blade to remove the Melanoma growth, as well as my lymph system to remove my sentinel lymph node. This just allowed them to “formally diagnose” me. It gave THEM research data, but for me, it spilled the tumor cells into my blood stream, making my cancer harder to treat and my condition worse. The lymph system is your internal “trash can” and is designed to hold back bacteria, cancer and organisms from reaching important parts of your body.

More on this later….


Knowing I had Melanoma was important, but really the staging was not. All Melanoma (according to Cancer Tutor and the International Cancer Research Foundation) should be treated as if it is Stage IV due to how it multiples. A simple blood test from a specific lab would have told me my circulating tumor and stem cell level, letting me know the severity of the cancer's ability to metastasize, which was WAY MORE IMPORTANT AND MUCH LESS EVASIVE WITH NO DAMAGE TO MY BODY.




Why should I trust what you say?


DON’T! This is what I told a family member when she asked me this question after she couldn’t fathom the information I was trying to give her when discussing my healing methods and findings.


My GOAL is to give you, the reader, RESOURCES and a STARTING POINT so YOU can now become your BEST ADVOCATE. READ AND LISTEN TO EVERYTHING YOU CAN! AND TRUST YOUR INTERNAL GUIDANCE! It comes from above (or your higher source, whatever you believe). My internal guidance has not been wrong even once. I am alive and healthy today because of this fact, as well as my continued push to search for MAKE SENSE MEDICINE.

Why did you create this website? Why are you not just focusing on living life now that you have been given a second chance to live?


During Meditation I was doing a particular exercise for several days where I was to ask myself, “What do I want?” over and over again, and then stay in silence to hear the answer. The exercise is designed to help you find your Life Purpose and help guide you in the direction you are to go. At that point I had absolutely NO IDEA what was happening to me and why, as well as where I was to go from there. After a few days, I was clearly lead to the fact that my Life Purpose was to put together these difficult to find medical resources I was discovering, on a website and on social media. Then, I was being lead to set up additional pathways on educating the public on how to Triumph Over Health today in our toxic world. The messages I received during meditation were that people needed to learn of these valuable resources and how the body really does have the ability to heal itself given that you do not overly harm it AND give it what it is deficient in.


I believe God BLESSED me with cancer and all these diseases and conditions, knowing I had the ability and determination to research and “figure things out” and then go about healing them naturally. Then, believe it or not, every single bit of my talents, passions, hobbies and education have melded together so I had the ability to put everything together to share these resources simply and all in one place.


All in all, I absolutely LOVE helping people, always have. I have been doing community service since I was very young, and I consider this my ultimate community service project. I was actually Pre-Med going into college, but ended up in Real Estate so I could still work and be a stay at home mom with the children I planned on having.


I had suffered from headaches from the time I was 5 years old (one of my kindergarten friends reminds of this) and symptoms continued to escalate over the years. They started getting severe for me when I was 27, and then I really started to research and experiment when I had a child who became sick as an infant. Off and on over the next 24 years I would try to figure out what was wrong with me, because no doctor could, until researching HAD TO become my number one focus if I was to try and live.


I still find it pretty amazing that God led me back to my original goal of helping people in the medical field. I have this quote that is taped on the wall in my kitchen that has been there for many years. It was put there in hopes of motivating my kids, back when they were in middle and high school. Funny how much it stuck in my mind back when I knew my body was shutting down a few years ago, as well as how much it motivates me now that I am focused on educating people on true health.

The quote is:


When I stand before God at the end of my life,

I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left,

And could say, “I used everything you gave me.”


Trust me when I say, I AM living life, enjoying every minute, every person, every experience, every gift.

I AM BLESSED. Thank YOU for gracing me with your presence on Triumph Over Health.

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