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Kitchen products aren't something we normally pay attention to when thinking about health. However, you would be surprised at the amount of toxins manufacturers put in our every day cookware that can have drastic affects on our health. Aluminum is very common when it comes to cookware, and aluminum drastically affects our brain health, with several studies showing it can lead to Alzheimer's and Dementia. Non-stick products and plastics are also commonly used in kitchen ware and both these ingredients are known to cause a high level of toxicity in the body. It's important to take a look around at your every day products and attempt to change them out for a healthier version. I know it can be expensive, but if you phase it in, your family's bodies will thank you.


Below you will not only  find my favorite non-toxic kitchen equipment, but also my favorite non-toxic pots and pans, tools and glassware. I have done by best over the last few years to change out 99% of my kitchen products for those made of stainless steel, ceramic, glass, silicone and iron. If I have to have an item made of plastic, I make sure it is BPA free and then use it infrequently. Because I do a lot of cooking, I spent a lot of time researching out these products. If you happen to know of other brands that have recently come on the market and are made with non-toxic ingredients, please email me so I can look into adding them below. ♥


Kitchen Equipment


Non-toxic Pots & Pans
Miscellaneous Cooking & Serving Tools


Kitchen Paper Products


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