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[Live Webinar] Destroying Tumors with Light and Sound

Watch my interview this Friday, October 29 with

Dr. Tony Jimenez of Hope 4 Cancer!

I am being interviewed by one of the all time greats who KNOWS how to not only research cancer treatments from all over the world that work, but also how to put them together to create a comprehensive healing program for his patients.

If you’ve ever considered the side effects of conventional cancer treatments and said to yourself,

"It’s 2021 — Surely there’s got to be a better way…" Well, you’re not mistaken. There are SO many innovative treatments and technologies available for cancer patients these days, yet so often they are overlooked, dismissed, or even discouraged by mainstream medical providers. Science-backed, safe, and effective, these therapies have the potential to save and improve many lives. It’s crucial that patients and loved ones are educated on what these treatments are and how they work. That’s why in this LIVE webinar, a spotlight is being shone on one such treatment that has been a mainstay in Hope 4 Cancer treatment centers for nearly two decades: Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT). >> Click here now to save your spot for this exclusive LIVE webinar! << An innovative therapy that utilizes light and sound energy to destroy cancer cells, SPDT is one of Hope 4 Cancer's most effective and widely used treatments at Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers.

Learn all about SPDT and how I utilized it to help heal my body from Stage IV Melanoma Cancer.

Join us this Friday, October 29th at 11:00 am Pacific Time / 2:00 pm Eastern Time to learn the science behind this powerful therapy, as well as the most recent advances in technology and technique that have been helping patients that go to Hope 4 Cancer. By the end of this informative webinar, you’ll understand: · The biological mechanisms that SPDT leverages to destroy cancer cells · The different methods of administering SPDT that are used at Hope4Cancer · The secret of SPDT success: integration with the 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy · How technological advances, such as state-of-the-art lasers and LED devices, have transformed the efficacy and versatility of cancer treatment · …and so much more! PLUS! Don’t miss the chance to see for yourself how it all works… webinar attendees will witness a video of this life-changing treatment firsthand as you are taken down a patient’s esophagus while administering SPDT!

IMPORTANT: ONLY participants who sign up to watch LIVE will be able to access the webinar replay!

Sign up now to save your spot…

seats are limited and will fill up fast! Here To Save Your Spot Now! Click Here To Save Your Spot Now!

Blessings and Love,

Tina Buenzli of Triumph Over Health

Stage IV Melanoma Cancer Survivor


Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers Communications Team P.S. If you can’t make it for the LIVE webinar but still want access to this incredible opportunity, please sign up anyway using the link above and you'll be sent a link on Thursday, November 4th, to watch the post-LIVE replay!

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