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Food Lists ~

"The Food You Eat

can either be the safest and most powerful form of Medicine or

slowest form of Poison."

   -Ann Wigmore 

I absolutely love this quote, because it is absolutely and irrevocably TRUE.

Since the time I was young, I have always tried to eat healthy, exercise and have balance in my life. My parents preached BALANCE and WELL-ROUNDEDNESS, so I took it to heart. I ate oatmeal or eggs in the morning with occasional wheat toast, lunchmeat or tuna with lettuce leaves for lunch (I wasn't much of a sandwich person), and meat and veggies for dinner. I liked dessert, but didn't eat it often because I liked the really yummy, gourmet stuff so I would have that when it was available. However, I still showed signs of food allergies at times, yet no one knew that's what it was. My stomach bloated upon eating my favorite Italian meals at Sunday dinner at my grandparents' house [I just thought I over ate because I loved my Nana's cooking (Allergy: Gluten & Mold)], I threw up after having fried chicken (Sensitive to poor oils), and would cramp up with extreme pain after a soccer game when I had a coke or gatorade (Toxic Ingredients). Yes - in the 70's and 80's it was common to give athletes a coke after a game as a treat. Disgusting, I know. Even later in life when I became extremely conscious of what I ate, I still experienced symptoms of throwing up when I drank my Whey protein shake (Whey allergy), and I received welts on my fingers when I had certain types of peppers. (Nightshade sensitivity)


With research and study, I found out that I could do Food Sensitivity tests to see what was causing my symptoms and reactions. This allowed me to have fewer reactions just by avoiding foods my body didn't like, or those considered highly inflammable or known to have a high toxic load. It was amazing how my excess weight began to fall off, my brain became clearer, and my energy went up. Things weren't perfect, but I found I was definitely on to something. Even as we began to uncover the extensiveness of my health issues, it was diet first and foremost that made a noticeable difference. There's a saying in the cancer world - "The food you eat is either feeding your cancer, or killing it. Which are you going to choose?"

Below are Three FOOD LISTS created by myself and an incredibly smart Food Scientist, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time. He has formulated just about every type of food, supplement and drug product out there, so if anyone would know the very basics of eating, it would be him. 


These FOOD LISTS are a great place to start. I am now passing them off to you, hoping that you too can experience a greater level of health!


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  ♥ Tina

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