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Covid Shot and Transmission Reversal

Graphene Oxide and Spike Protein Elimination Protocol with One Simple Product

How to reverse the Covid shot and transmission

It's been an interesting couple of months to say the least! Can you say hours and hours of "Research" and lots of "Sick People"???

I'm not sure about you, but I have had an enormous amount of people in my life have "issues" from all that we are being exposed to. Many have passed away, many with extreme health conditions that have "suddenly" appeared, and many who continually get sick. It not only saddens me, but it also motivates me to continue to research for cures.

Well guess what?!!! I have found a product (rather a doctor colleague sent me a product to research that he heard was working) that kicks in all kinds of processes that thereby elevates the immune system that then eliminates all ramifications from the Covid shots as well as transmission!!!

I am a firm believer in giving my followers the TOOLS to do basic research/reading so they can understand what Protocols or Programs I present so people understand how their body works and how it goes about healing. I have linked below to the basics with the exact STEPS on how to get to the information and directly to the product.

Am I using this product? ABSOLUTELY!!!

Did I choose to receive the shots? No! However, I was still having symptoms of issues in my bloodflow. How, you may ask? Well - I am around a lot of people who have received the shots AND I was periodically drinking a sparkling water when I would go out to dinner that I found out later was being laced with graphene oxide - one of the substances in the shots causing extreme damage to people who were choosing the injections.

Note: If you believe this post isn't for you because you didn't receive the shots, I want to make sure you know the following FACTS...

FACTS that have been discovered and are still proven to be TRUE:

  • Covid-19 has still not been isolated so it can’t be tested

  • According to the CDC the PCR tests don’t work (and never did due to the spin rate)

  • The PCR tests have graphene oxide on them

  • The blue masks you see handed out everywhere (they are from China) and they too have graphene oxide on them and even say on the box that they do NOT prevent transmission of coronavirus, disease, viruses, etc.

  • Poultry has proven in many cases (especially in big box stores) to have been tainted with graphene oxide

  • Many food and drink products have been "magnetized" with graphene oxide (cereals, types of water, processed foods, etc.)

Sooooo - because of these FACTS, I would like to encourage you and your family to do SOMETHING to try and eliminate the effects of these bioweapons. If you can honestly tell me you have never worn even one blue mask, never taken a PCR test, never hugged a person after they have received the shot(s), don't eat any kinds of poultry or processed foods then I will be incredibly impressed that you were able to keep yourself from any and all transmission and exposure!!! I wish I could personally own this, but I just couldn't keep myself from exposure no matter how hard I tried.

In the meantime, I'll keep researching and bringing you any and all protocols I find to counter this bioweapon so we can all get healthy again and lead a very long life.

For starters:

The information presented is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or prescribe for any medical or psychological condition, nor to prevent, treat, mitigate, or cure such conditions. The information contained herein is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a doctor or qualified healthcare professional. Therefore, this information is not intended as medical advice, but rather a sharing of knowledge and information based on research and personal experience. Triumph Over Health, LLC encourages you to make your own health care decisions based on your judgment and research in partnership with a doctor or qualified healthcare professional.

Now - the good stuff!

As I started digging into the research of this product these last several months, I found that there was also a Covid shot protocol that prompts the body to eliminate the shots both from injection and transmission!!!!

I have been testing out the product and it is powerful, so I wanted to send it your way. If you find merit in the product, please forward this post to all of your family and friends. We all need to do our part to help save humanity. Thank you in advance for helping me do the same.

I have written instructions on how to obtain the necessary information for not only all health protocols and healing, but for the elimination of the shots and transmission as well.

The Product is called NANO SOMA


1. Go to website

2. Start learning about what Nano Soma does for the immune system and healing the body

3. Listen to the Video to gain a better understanding of the product and study the Research Documents given

2. Click "Shop Now" and choose Country of residence

3. Click on the product “Nano Soma Liquid”

4. Read all about Nano Soma Liquid in the “Description”

5. At the bottom of the page, you will see Resources. Here you can read Testimonials, watch an Introduction to Nano Soma, and download the “Recommended Start-up Protocols”

6. Important Note: At the bottom of the Recommended Start-up Protocols page, you will see a link to a Document to download that goes over How Nano Soma prompts the body to clear the effects of the Covid-19 shots (whether by injection or transmission) as well as the recommended dosage to eliminate the ramifications of both instances.

Note: If you would like to see the Protocol I used, you can do so by

Downloading the Program Below

Nano Soma Covid Shot Protocol and Health Recovery Program
Download PDF • 346KB

By the way, the two other products utilizing the same technology are amazing as well. I had a biking accident a few weeks ago and the gel formulation is rapidly healing my arm wound in just a couple of days. I have been loving the face cream as well!

I also want to note that I am 7 months in on testing out Urotherapy. It has been healing some random issues I have had for over 10 years. My internal guidance has been telling me for over 6 months that utilizing Urotherapy plus Nano Soma is an absolute powerhouse of a protocol. I have now been putting both programs together and it seems to be supercharging my entire body. Just some food for thought! I will post more on Urotherapy in the near future. For now you can find it in the PROGRAMS section of .

Many blessings!



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