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My #1 Favorite Health Tool that has Worked for Me and My Family - CollGen2 Colloidal Silver Maker

If I had my way, every single household in the world would have one of these little machines! That's right - you heard me, every single household...

This little 3"x 6" machine is called

The CollGen2®.

The CollGen2 is a uniquely designed and expertly engineered Colloidal Silver Generator. "It produces a verifiable and true 5-8 PPM Ionic Colloidal Silver water with each and every cycle of use" and it is made here in the U.S.A.

FACT - NASA has larger versions of this exact machine, made by the same scientist - Fred Peschel and it is used on every space station and space shuttle for decontamination purposes and prevention of disease and cancer. (History: NASA contacted the scientist and inventor Fred Peschel to create a device of some kind to prevent their astronauts from coming down with diseases and cancer when sent up into space. Why you ask? Because when NASA began to test out space exploration by sending animals up in space prior to humans, they were all coming back with disease and cancer. NASA knew their space program could not advance without correcting this issue. Fred Peschel's CollGen2 was the answer. It is still being used today.)


What is Ionic Colloidal Silver?

"Ionic Colloidal Silver is a solution of extremely fine sub microscopic particles (.015 - .005 microns) of pure silver suspended in water by a positive electric charge on each particle. The particles remain suspended throughout the solution because these positive charged particles repel each other with a greater force than gravity can exert.

A powerful germicidal, ionic colloidal silver is an exceptional metal in that it is non-toxic to the human body, but lethal to over 650 disease causing bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and molds; while conventional pharmaceutical antibiotics are typically effective against only 6 or 7 types of bacteria.

Some new strains of bacteria classified as MDR (Multiple Drug Resistant) have proven to be resistant to all pharmaceutical antibiotics, but not to colloidal silver due to different germicidal mechanisms of deactivation. No other Colloidal Silver machine on the market worldwide can produce the quality of Silver Ion as a government shows." (As quoted from the engineers of the CollGen2)

In other words, my family and I have used my favorite health tool, the CollGen2 to attack viruses, infections (including Staph!), strep, bronchitis, colds and flu, parasites, bacteria, mold and pathogens - some extremely deadly - with great success!

Think this is strange? Absolutely not! Silver has been used for thousands of years as a natural antibiotic. Kings, Queens and noblemen have chosen to drink out of silver challis' to purify their water, knowing they felt better when drinking from these silver cups, but not knowing why. Also, ever ask yourself why it is traditional to give silver cups, spoons and rattles as a gift for newborn babies? This "silver secret" has deep roots in history.

How do you use Colloidal Silver?

“Ionic Colloidal Silver may be taken orally or topically; applied directly to the skin. It can be used vaginally, anally, atomized or inhaled into the nose or lungs, and dropped into eyes. A few drops on a Q-Tip or Band-Aid may be used to disinfect any wound or sore.”

Conditions and situations my family and I have used ICS:

  • Clean the bloodstream from bacteria, viruses, pathogens, parasites, & mold

  • Prevent my melanoma cancer from spreading into remote places in the body through the bloodstream. It is thought that melanoma cancer cells multiple two separate ways, one being shooting deadly microbes through the bloodstream. (Research)

  • Heal a cold or flu quickly or to prevent it from happening all together

  • Quickly heal from oral surgery (my “dis-solvable stitches” that were supposed to dissolve in 5 days were instead pushed out of the skin from healing after 2 and 3 days)

  • Heal cuts

  • Stop the bleeding from cuts

  • Heal and Prevent infection from puppy teething cuts on hands

  • Acne – attacks yeast and bacteria

  • Athletes foot and Jock itch – These are both caused by an overgrowth of yeast and bacteria

  • Staph Infection – pouring it on the wound and drinking the cancer dosage healed my child’s deadly staph infection in 4 days (However, I kept that child on it for weeks after to be sure – one of the scariest times of my life)

  • Bronchitis and severe coughing (Used with the nebulizer linked below)

  • Black mold that attached itself in my lungs & sinus cavity (Used with the nebulizer linked below) to stop the non-stop coughing I experienced. This took a couple of weeks to get under control using the nebulizer 3-4x/day. Black mold can be deadly and cause serious health issues.

  • Exposure to people who were sick, and the family didn’t want to get it

  • Eye drops when exposed to allergens, sick people or after on an airplane to prevent sickness

  • Ear drops from Swimmers ear or infection

  • Nasal drops – when exposed to sick people, allergens or after having been on an airplane/large groups of people as prevention

  • Poured on open wounds to heal the wound faster and prevent infection

  • Gargle with it if feel sickness coming on or tickle in the throat

  • Spray ICS on our hands instead of using hand sanitizer. (Note: Hand sanitizers cause you to absorb 100x’s more chemicals that cause disease, infertility, and abnormalities in children as well as adults. Read more HERE. )

  • Spray on counter tops, sinks, showers, toilets and even furniture when they need to be disinfected

What I love about owning the CollGen2:

  • CollGen2® will literally generate 1000's of gallons of Ionic Colloidal Silver allowing me to easily use it for anything and everything my family needs to keep us healthy

  • Purchasing the machine saved me $1000's of dollars in ICS costs. (Far inferior brands that all have tried to copycat off of Peschel's invention, charge approximately $30-$40+ per 16oz!!! I know - I was purchasing one of those brands from one of my doctors until my research brought me to this far superior product! That means that each Gallon of ICS water retails at over $300 - over 2/3 the cost of the machine itself. AND, you have to beware of drinking more than a tablespoon or 2 at a time of these inferior/copycat brands due to their high particle content. I never have to worry about that with the CollGen2!)

  • Once you purchase this amazing health machine your only cost is the price of a gallon of distilled water

  • This ICS stores well in its original container (but it is suggested to not expose it to direct sunlight or heat), or you can travel with it in a stainless steel, leak proof container. My favorite travel container, and the one I have my kids use when they travel abroad is THIS ONE. You can even get a Stainless top for it!

  • If I'm traveling and want to bring ICS with me, I often times carry my little generator with me and pack it in my carry on suitcase so I can continue drinking it while away. A gallon jug can be made in 3-5 hours. Simple and easy in any accommodations that has a normal outlet.

  • Most of all, I love that I can feel confident that I have a health tool to get my family through the worst of the worst situations, infections, and colds and flu. Having an active family means getting exposed periodically to deadly pathogens unfortunately. And if you haven't heard yet - I no longer have Stage IV Melanoma.... Of course, I used a few health tools to combat this deadly and fast acting cancer, but this was a research find I am soooo grateful for because it had a major impact in not only combating so many pathogens, thereby boosting my immune system as a result. But for those of you who don't have cancer, realize that I am now rarely, if ever sick -even from a common cold.

How my family and I use ICS from the CollGen2:

· Drink it – Jar or measuring cup

· Put in a nebulizer

· Put in a nasal spray

· Use topically on skin, either immersed, soaked on washcloth and lay on skin, or sprayed on

· Use as eye drops

· Use as ear drops

Recommended Dosage (As quoted from the makers of the CollGen2):

“An extremely conservative approach would be to start with 1 or 3 teaspoons once or twice a day, however ionic colloidal silver is not a poisonous substance like drugs are and therefore dosage is not critical-even for children.

For colds and flu symptoms, one or two tablespoons 3-6 times daily frequently will speed recovery. Some individuals have reported drinking as much as 16 ozs in the morning and another 16 ozs in the late afternoon to knock down a cold or flu on the first day that symptoms start showing up. They claim that they have been able to completely abort the cold or flu on the first day of symptoms.

For mouth infections, frequently rinse the affected area for at least 6 minutes before swallowing. Overdosing should not be of concern, even if recommended doses are exceeded. If, after a few days of use, one experiences a detoxification effect in the form of feeling sluggish or mild aches, increase water consumption to speed the elimination of toxins and taper back the silver dosage to match the rate of toxin elimination. It is safe for pregnant and nursing women and is known to aid the developing fetus in growth. It will not generate free radicals or interfere with enzyme activity. It has no reaction with other medications.”

(Important to note again - you will not be harmed if you drink over the recommended dosage. As a cancer patient, I drank ionic colloidal silver water from the CollGen2 using

4x - 8oz. glasses/day, am, lunch, pm and bed for over 2 years and to this day still drink

1-2x - 8oz glasses/day depending on what and who I am exposed to that week. Examples might be, traveling on an airplane or at an event with lots of people. I really up my dosage if it is cold and flu season or I have been around someone sick.

Want to Own this Incredible

Colloidal Silver Maker?

This machine is worth so much more than its cost, yet the distributors of the machine choose to keep the price low because it was the desire of Peschel prior to his death to have his colloidal silver machine in the hands as many people as possible.

Beware: There are many counterfeit makers on the market. Make sure you do your due diligence.

The now owners of Peschel's invention calls the CollGen2 a “Miracle Machine” because they have heard testimonials from around the world about how this machine has saved so many lives.

**Special Offer for those in parts of California and New York City

Interested in trying out a gallon of CollGen2 Ionic Colloidal Silver prior to purchasing the machine?

Take advantage of this special offer during the following dates only:

  • New York City: Pick-up in Chelsea - Offer: On-going

  • Sacramento Area: Pick-up in El Dorado Hills - Offer: On-going

Cost: $50 per 1 gallon jug of Ionic Colloidal Silver made with the CollGen2

This is a savings of over $250+!!! Take advantage of this special offer while you can!

To take advantage of this special offer,

Email Me at and I will send you payment information and arrange for your pick-up. Payment must be received prior to pick-up. Thank you!

Still want more FACTS on ICS and this amazing health machine?

Continue Reading below...


(As quoted from the makers of the CollGen2)

No other Colloidal Silver machine on the market worldwide can produce the quality of Silver Ion that the CollGen2 can.

How does colloidal silver work?

Richard Davies and Samuel Etris of The Silver Institute, in a 1996 monograph entitled The Development and Functions of Silver in Water Purification and Disease Control, discuss three mechanisms of deactivation that silver utilizes to incapacitate disease causing organisms.

They are Catalytic Oxidation, Reaction with Cell Membranes, and Binding with the DNA of disease organisms to prevent unwinding.

Catalytic Oxidation:

Silver, in its atomic state, has the capacity to absorb oxygen and act as a catalyst to bring about oxidation. Atomic (nascent) oxygen absorbed onto the surface of silver ions in solution will readily react with the sulfhydryl (-S-H) groups surrounding the surface of bacteria or viruses to remove the hydrogen atoms (as water), causing the sulfur atoms to form an R-S-S-R bond; blocking respiration and causing the bacteria to expire. Employing a simple catalytic reduction/oxidation reaction, colloidal silver will react with any negative charge presented by the organism's transport or membrane proteins and deactivate them.

Reaction with Bacterial Cell Membranes:

There is evidence that silver ions attach to membrane surface radicals of bacteria, impairing cell respiration and blocking its energy transfer system. One explanation is based on the nature of enzyme construction: Specific enzymes are required for a given biochemical activity to take place. Enzyme molecules usually require a specific metallic atom as part of the molecular matrix in order to function. A metal of higher valance can replace a metal of lower valance in the enzyme complex, preventing the enzyme from functioning normally. Silver, with a valance of plus 2, can replace many metals with a lower, or equal valance that exhibit weaker atomic bonding properties.

Binding with DNA:

Studies by C.L. Fox and S.M. Modak with Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a tenacious bacteria that is difficult to treat, demonstrated that as much as 12% of silver is taken up by the organism's DNA. While it remains unclear exactly how the silver binds to the DNA without destroying the hydrogen bonds holding the lattice together, it nevertheless prevents the DNA from unwinding, an essential step for cellular replication to occur.

Are there any dangers or side effects?

The Environmental Protection Agency's Poison Control Center reports no toxicity listing for Colloidal Silver. Regular ingestion of colloidal silver can act as a second immune system by assisting the body in the war against invading micro-organisms. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotic which destroy beneficial enzymes, colloidal silver leaves these tissue cell enzymes intact.

Ionic Colloidal Silver, if used sensibly, is completely non-toxic and will not harm the immune system in any way. Critics of colloidal silver will often warn that regular consumption of colloidal silver might lead to Argyria, a bluish/gray discoloration of the skin. Dr. Bob Beck debunks this statement as a scare tactic by pro pharmaceutical interests. Dr Beck has indicated that Argyria is caused by silver compounds, such as silver nitrate, silver sulfate, silver sulfadiazine, etc., and not micro particles of pure elemental silver. Apparently, ionic silver colloids are mostly absorbed in the upper gastrointestinal tract, since colloidal silver does not seem to adversely affect friendly bacteria in the lower intestines. Silver can be toxic to nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, but is normally prevented from entering those areas by the blood-brain barrier. Silver has not demonstrated any evidence of carcinogenic activity.

The body eliminates excess silver via the metallothiones. These ubiquitous proteins, first characterized in 1957, have the property of binding with heavy metals, such as silver, into metal-thiolate-cluster structures which aid in transportation, storage, and elimination of nonessential trace metals which enter the body.

How much research has been done on colloidal silver?

Silver has been used as a germicide for thousands of years. Ancient texts, including Pliny the Elder's great tome, Natural History, Book 23 (78 A.D.) discusses the extraordinary wound healing capacity of silver slag as an ingredient in plasters. The German obstetrician, Franz Crede, observed in 1884 that up to 79% of blind children in various orphanages and institutions were born to mothers who, at the time of the child's birth, had venereal disease. He found that a 1% solution of silver nitrate dropped into the eyes of newborns, reduced the incidence of VD caused blindness to less than 0.2%. In 1988, colloidal silver was tested at the UCLA Medical Laboratory.

The UCLA report stated that " The silver solutions were antibacterial for concentrations of 1 million organisms per ml of Streptococcus pyogenes, Staphylococcus aureus [which in now resistant to Vancomycin, the strongest pharmaceutical antibiotic available] , Neisseria gonorrhea, Gardnerella Vaginalis, Salmonella Typhi [responsible for salmonella food poisoning and Typhus], and other enteric pathogens; and fungicidal for Candida albicans [the common yeast infection, in vaginitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome], Candida globata, and M. Furfur."

Dr Robert Becker, M.D., author of The Body Electric and Crosscurrents found that silver caused cells to de-differentiate and re-differentiate in the process of regenerative healing.

"What we had actually done was rediscovered the fact that silver killed bacteria, which had been known for centuries...when antibiotics were discovered, clinical uses for silver as an antibiotic were discarded." Becker said in a 1995 interview with Bio/Tech News.

Dr Becker conducted extensive research into the healing properties of silver for many years at the Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York. The experiments concluded that silver works on a wide range of bacteria, without any known side effects or damage to the cells of the body. Becker discovered that the silver was doing something more than just killing disease causing organisms: He said it was also causing major growth stimulation of injured tissues. Dr. Becker concluded that the presence of the silver ions may help to regenerate tissue, eliminate old or cancerous cells, and other diseased or abnormal tissue conditions.

Dr. Henry Crooks (author, Use of Colloids in Health Disease) found that silver in the colloidal state is highly germicidal, quite harmless to humans and absolutely non-toxic. From his bacteriological experiments with silver he concluded, "I know of no microbe that is not killed in laboratory experiments in six minutes."

Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom, of the Larolinska Institute, Sweden, has successfully used silver as a component in his cancer treatments for many years. Dr. Leonard Keene Hirschberg, A. M., M. D. (John Hopkins) states, "Speaking generally, the colloidal metals are especially remarkable for their beneficial action in infective states." Dr. Richard L. Davies, executive director of the Silver Institute, which monitors silver technology in 37 countries, reports: "In four years we've described 87 important new medical uses for silver. We're just beginning to see to what extent silver can relieve suffering."

Finally, Peter Lindemann reports in his 1997 article, Colloidal Silver, A Closer Look that a study conducted in part by the Institute of Microbiology in Rome, Italy and published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology (Dec. 1992), stated that "Pure electro-colloidal silver out- performed silver nitrate, silver chloride, and silver sulfadiazine as a broad spectrum germicide. For all classes of bacteria, fungus, and mold samples tested, pure electro-colloidal silver worked better, and at much lower concentrations. They concluded that any additives reduced the effectiveness of the pure silver ion; the silver salts being as much as 100 times less effective."

What is the FDA's standpoint on colloidal silver?

Since colloidal silver was in common use as an antibiotic prior to 1938 when the FDA was created, its use was grandfathered-in and not subject to FDA approval. Many promoters of colloidal silver had ballyhooed a 1991 letter authored by the FDA which they said (at the time) that they would not attempt to control colloidal silver as long as its uses were confined to pre-1938 published protocols. However, the growing popularity of colloidal since 1991, has created pressure from threatened pharmaceutical interests to get the FDA to regulate the availability of colloidal silver. [Update: Feb 2001 the FDA now claims jurisdiction over the sale of colloidal silver and will not allow any "medical claims" be made in association with the sale of colloidal silver.]

As a result, today the FDA is attempting to subvert the grandfather clause and is seeking to gain approval status over the use and production of colloidal silver on the outrageous premise that since colloidal silver has proven to be such an effective broad spectrum germ fighter in its ability to cure new strains of bacteria (not in existence in 1938), that its use should be subject to their jurisdiction! It's clear to anyone who examines the subject, that the FDA is a champion for the pharmaceutical industry and on their behalf attempts to suppress the use of cheap, non-patentable, natural, alternative therapies at every opportunity. Silver, after all, is merely a metal. It's a harmless element of Nature.

Want to read even more about this amazing machine?

Read these FAQs from Fred Peschel himself HERE.

Stay tuned to read about my SECOND Favorite Health Tool!

Here's to helping you Triumph Over Health!

All my best always,

♥ Tina Buenzli

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