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How Do You Arrest & Reverse Cancer?

Cancer – The National Institute of Health now states that 1 in 2 men and less than 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. This means we will all have someone close to us diagnosed, if not ourselves. Because of this, it would be wise to know what to do prior to having to deal with this situation so we can remain calm, rational, and make good, educated decisions that help heal and support our bodies and immune system. It’s sort of like doing a fire drill.

Be prepared. Understand what cancer is and why our bodies make it. Figure out the types of lifestyle practices one must follow to stop making cancer, thereby letting the body correct itself, bringing it back into balance. You might even find that through this preparedness, you make a few lifestyle changes now, so you never have to deal with cancer personally. That’s my wish anyway, and why I have created the website

Triumph Over Health has a page dedicated to "what to do if diagnosed with cancer," and the steps I would personally follow if I had to do it all again. Trust me – I’ve now been through this whole process 4 times, up close and personal – one time being my own Stage IV diagnosis. I only wish I had the information I am providing for you HERE several years ago. It was what my best friend and I were looking everywhere for throughout her Stage IV diagnosis. As it turned out, we were researching in the wrong places. We were looking at the top hospital programs and oncologists, and not the top healing protocols. It wasn’t until the week before she became an Angel that she said to me, “I think I found something!”

And sure enough, SHE DID!

When I was diagnosed only 6 months after my dear friend had passed, I kept hearing her words to me repeatedly. Because of this one book she had fleetingly showed me, I approached my own cancer research differently than how we had all approached hers. Her words, and this one book, gave me a place to start, and opened my eyes to a whole other world of medicine and doctors having long-term success with cancer. Although I was already researching natural healing medicine for other diseases and conditions, it never dawned on me that there was a whole cancer side as well! My research took off, and it continues today, searching for these doctors, researchers and protocols that have been around for decades, but not easily found.

This important cancer information can be found on Triumph Over Health under Important Resources: CANCER - where you will learn what I wish I had available to me right when I was diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma Skin Cancer. Steps suggested to take when dealing with a cancer diagnosis is included in this section, as well as a top Stage IV Cancer Treatment Protocol that begins working within days, not weeks or months. If you want to go straight to this top-notch Step by Step Video Series, click HERE.

In the Blog Post, Cancer 101 - you will find links to some very important research data.

I also suggest you print out and keep handy the list of "20 Questions to Ask Your Oncologist," written by Chris Wark of the website, Christ Beat Cancer – a Stage III Colon Cancer survivor. The direct links can all be found in the section CANCER. Even if you aren’t dealing with cancer, these questions will open your eyes to the questions you should be asking any doctor for any health condition, prior to starting on any medication or protocol. I have found that most people are scared silent, as well as extremely overwhelmed, when they or a loved one are sick, and do not know the right questions to ask. Once they see this list of questions, the response is always, “I would have never thought to ask these questions.”

Cancer is just your body telling you that you are toxic, your immune system is overwhelmed, your body is out of balance, and that you need to make changes NOW.

*Be Informed

*Be Prepared

*AND Give your body the chance to be healthy so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Always remember, you must EARN your health. It will never come in a magic pill, bottle or drug.

Happy Birthday Cheryl!

Thank you for saving me and thank you for helping me, and others Triumph Over Health!

I love you my dear, sweet friend!

Always and forever,

♥ Tina Louise

Please, please, please forward and share this important information with your family and friends. It saves lives! Thank you!

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Beat cancer, heal cancer naturally. Find out how here!
Cheryl's 49th Birthday celebration. Just 8 months prior to her becoming an Angel.

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