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If You Are Toxic, It's Almost Impossible To Heal

Did you know that a person very rarely dies of cancer itself? Instead, it is starvation and toxicity that causes him or her to deteriorate and pass away. This blog post is going to focus on the TOXICITY element of the equation. Even if you don’t have cancer, you make THOUSANDS of cancer cells DAILY and are exposed to tons more bacteria where you least expect it, so this is a very important read so you can learn how to begin to decrease your toxic load.

Think about what you see when you look at most cancer patients. They look as if they are withering away right before your eyes. They become emaciated, frail, have no energy and they definitely do not look like what you remember their normal, healthy self to look like. This is what a Toxic Body looks like. One that is being overburdened with too many toxic elements – way more than the immune system can handle.

One of the worst times of my life was watching one of my dearest and closest friends die from cancer. Between her Stage IV Ovarian Cancer diagnosis, and a year later my Stage IV Melanoma, I have had plenty of years of "cancer research" to study various treatments and their effects. Since that time, another friend was diagnosed as well, so his treatments were also added to my study. (Of course, I have studied hundreds of cases along the way, but when it’s people you know well- you seem to pay very close attention.) So - why is it that I am still alive while we have since lost these two beautiful souls? I believe it was/is my constant DETOXIFICATION of my organs, as well as my IMMUNE BOOSTING treatments.

According to Dr. William Kelley, and later Dr. Nicholas Gonzales, both of whom healed 1000’s of late stage cancer patients (yes, even Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer), malignant tumors give off waste products as they grow. This waste must be eliminated through the liver, colon, kidneys, lungs and skin. It is crucial to understand that as these waste products accumulate they gradually overburden the body. Most persons then die of toxemia.


Scientists estimate that the body has between 70 and 100 trillion cells. This means that we have over 70 trillion “trash cans” needing to be emptied. Can you imagine NEVER emptying your toilet for 15, 30, 40, 50, or 65+ years???? When a person has not attempted to detoxify the body or organs, there is an immense amount of toxic buildup preventing a person from realizing True Health. Whether you have cancer, an autoimmune disease, body pains or even just a general feeling of unwellness, I would look towards detoxing your body all ways possible.

According to Webster Kehr, the founder of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation and (a prominent voice for natural cancer treatments and prevention), it has been found that all cancer patients have parasites, so doing a parasite cleanse is a MUST. In fact, the ICRF (as well as Dr. Kelley) recommends a person START with a parasite cleanse before any other treatment is begun to start eliminating these nutrient stealing, body damaging organisms.

If you think it’s only cancer patients that have parasites, think again. Questions to ask yourself are the following:

· Do I have a Pet?

· Do I eat Sushi?

· How about Meat?

· Veggies?

· Travel abroad?

· Drink Tap water?

· Do I walk barefoot?

· Do I touch doorknobs, shopping carts, restaurant doors?

My point is, we can all EASILY get parasites, so we must all do parasite cleanses at least a couple of times a year. I know you might be a tad bit freaked out by now, but really, these cleanses are fairly simple.

When I was slightly overwhelmed when I was first diagnosed my cousin went through the long list of cleanses and chose THIS ONE for me, as well as herself.

A few more family members decided to hop on the bandwagon, so we all did the cleanse together. We could order it on Amazon, and it only entailed taking some capsules and drinking a tablespoon of some yucky liquid. Pretty painless. Two boxes per person, 30 days later, and the cleanse is complete.

If you are new to doing parasite cleanses, then I suggest you start with THIS ONE. I have recommended this particular PARASITE CLEANSE to dozens of people. It’s simple and focuses not only on killing the parasites, but the eggs they hatch as well, thus the 30-day time period. (Make sure and order 2 boxes per person) The other benefit is you can easily do this cleanse while at work. And NO – you won’t have any ill effects at work either. 😉

As time goes on, I will lead you to some others that may be a bit more involved but take less time. Those will also conclude with a Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse so those organs can run a lot more efficiently because liver and gallstones are eliminated as well.

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Have an amazing and healthy day!

♥ Tina Buenzli


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