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I'm Tina Buenzli.

I can't wait to help you

Elevate your Health!

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Author & Founder

Stage IV Cancer Survivor

Let me introduce myself and
Triumph Over Health

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Triumph Over Health

Cancer Diagnosis

  • 1 in 2 men

  • 1 in 3 women

  • 598,100 deaths/year

Kidney Disease

  • 14.8% of population

  • 661,000 have kidney failure

  • 468,000 on dialysis

  • 2.7 per 1000 children have chronic kidney disease

Triumph Over Health Body with healthy or
Autism statistics - what causes autism - can you reverse or heal autism - dr rashid buttar - does mercury or vaccine cause autism - what are the side effects of heavy metals


  • 1 in 59 children diagnosed/year 

obesity statistics in th united states - weight loss programs - how to lose weight easily and for good - weight watchers - detox weight loss programs - cross fit - yoga - does exercise help you lose weight - liver cleanse - can you lose weight with detoxing - how to help children lose weight safely - is canola oil bad for you - does canola oil cause you to gain weight - what causes a muffin top


  • Children: 1 in 6, ages 2-19

  • Adults: 1 in 3

death rate among teens - among young people - why are so many people dying young - causes of suicide - root cause of drug addiction - are energy drinks bad for you - is adderral bad for you - side effects of Adderral - what causes brain aneurysm - cardiac arrest

Death Rate ~ ages 25-44

  • 21% increase 2012-2017

  • Injuries, drug overdose, suicide

what causes ibs - what causes crohns disease - what causes farting - what causes low stomach acid - what cures indigestion - what is leaky gut - can you heal leaky gut - how to heal leaky gut - sibo

Digestive Diseases

  • 70 million diagnosed/year

what causes anxiety - how to get rid of anxiety naturally - do anxiety medications work - natural remedies for anxiety - how to heal from grief - does cannabis work for anxiety


  • 40 million diagnosed/year

how many people are depressed - depression statistics in the united state - natural cures for depression - does cannabis work for depression - help for depression - what causes depression - can medication cause depression - side effects of medications - if you have a thyroid problem are you depressed - symptoms of thyroid disease - hoshimotos


  • 16.1 million diagnosed/year

suicide statistics - why are high school and college students committing suicide - does adhd and add medications cause suicide - does adderral cause suicide - do energy drinks and alcohol cause suicide - what causes suicide - suicide help


  • 45,000 deaths/year

Liver diease statistic - how to unblock the liver - how to break down gallstones - how to do a liver flush - how to do a liver and gallbladder cleanse - can the liver regenerate itself - how to decreae inflammaton in the liver - liver cancer survival rate - how to cure liver cancer

Liver Disease

  • 3 million people diagnosed/year

  • 40,500 deaths/year

how many young women are infertile are having trouble with infertility - trouble with conception - trouble conceiving a baby - side effects of birth control pills - side effects of iuds - does birth control have side effects - does it affect your hormones - can birth control cause cancer - endometriosis - causes of endometriosis and pcos - side effects of endometriosis and pcos

Infertility ~ Women ages 15-44

  • Infertile: 6.7%

  • Impaired fertility: 12.1% 

acne statistics - what causes acne - natural treatments for acne - what are the side effects of acne medicaton - is it safe to use birth control do decrease acne or pimples - does dairy cause acne - does grease cause acne - will detoxing help acne