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Oral Health Is Crucial To Overall Health

Yes, EVERY tooth is at the top of a biomeridian pathway that leads to every major system and organ in the body. THIS FACT alone is why taking care of your dental hygiene is so important and becoming aware of what to do if something goes awry. Just one bad tooth can cause major issues in the body as well as be at the root cause of a cancer diagnosis.

When there is an issue with a tooth, or under a tooth, anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that thrives with no air) can grow out of control. This bacteria, through the biomeridian pathways has a direct avenue straight into the body and to these major systems and organs. (For an interactive dental map of these pathways, Click Here) According to Dr. Hal Huggins, who studied these bacteria's coming from the mouth, these bacteria were worse than any botulism discovered on the planet.

So, if you have been diagnosed with cancer, or any major disease, or just have a general feeling of unwellness, questions you should be asking yourself are: Have I had a Root Canal? Have I had my Wisdom Teeth extracted? Have I had any type of Abscesses or Dental Infections in the past? If your answer is "YES" then I suggest heading to Triumph Over Health's IMPORTANT RESOURCES Section to educate yourself on what Biological Dentistry is and how to go about Finding a Biological Dentist who knows about these pathways and how to test for these infections that can prevent you from ever becoming truly healthy again.

You might wonder whether I had an dental infections leading to my Stage IV Melanoma Cancer.... As a matter of fact - I DID! I had four wisdom teeth extracted when I was 16 years old, just like most teenagers my age. When I was first diagnosed my research lead me to Mike Ventras, a member of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, who developed the Cellect-Budwig Protocol for advanced cancer patients. When I consulted with Mike, he flat out told me that if I did't find out whether I had any dental infections underneath my wisdom teeth extractions, I would NEVER heal from cancer.

It took me a year of research to find out all about dental infections. This research then lead me to one of the top dental surgeons in the world, Dr. Blanche Grube who was able to inform me that I did indeed have four jawbone infections, also known as Cavitations, and that I needed to have them removed. How large were these cavitations? In my mouth they were enormous! I had 8, 9, 11 and 12 mm holes in my jawbones that were completely filled with disgusting pus! That's right, you heard me.... PUS! So, were these dental cavitations a contributing factor to my Melanoma cancer diagnosis? I have no doubt that they were. I will do another blog post soon on what this type of surgery entailed for me so you are informed on how simple the procedure was, how I prepared my immune system for it, and how I helped my body heal much faster than the average patient after it was through. To find out how I helped protect my bloodstream from deadly bacteria and heal quickly from the surgery, Read the Blog Post: My #1 Favorite Health Tool that has Worked for Me and My Family

In the meantime, don't miss out on the Holistic Oral Summit going on now for FREE! This Docu-Series will fully inform you on all areas of the mouth. It is extremely informative and will save you 100's of hours of research on the subject if you have had a root canal, wisdom teeth extractions or any other dental issues. It will also answer your questions about what to do about your children's teeth as well. You can Sign-up HERE. **Update: The Oral Summit is currently not live - however, Sign-up for the Living Healthy Newsletter and I will update you when it comes out again!

Don't forget to share this post with family and friends! It's important that EVERYONE knows how crucial oral health is to their overall health.

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Here's to helping you and your family Triumph Over Health!

♥ Tina Buenzli

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