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Real Pandemic Protocol

Spike Protein and Graphene Oxide Detox Program

I am praying you have all realized by now that the real pandemic is not the Coronavirus itself (since it has a 99.9+% survival rate) but instead the shot and boosters being given. If you don’t know what graphene oxide is then it is important to research what it is and what it does, so you understand why so many people around the world, young and old, are dying, having heart problems, or getting sick after getting one or more shots. The best place to research is on DuckDuckGo since it is a private search engine, whereas Google blocks a lot of pertinent information.

It is important to know that there are NO VARIANTS. “They” are trying to cover up for those actually dying from the shot(s) themselves and they also want it hidden that those who get injected are the ones actually transmitting the virus to others. For those that don’t believe me, or the experts that actually created the technology, THINK ABOUT IT. You just injected yourself with the virus. You now have it in your system! The one thing you were fearful about getting, you have now allowed someone to inject into your body. YOU ARE THE CARRIER.

As far as the variants are concerned, I have included the actual leaked schedule of the “variants” scheduled to come to keep you in fear and running to get the next shot(s). Two weeks ago, the Lambda variant started being talked about (which was second to the Delta variant) so those that had this schedule of soon to be released variants weren’t surprised at all when our wonderful news started spewing more fear about not only this new variant but a lot more variants to come.

To read where to get REAL information and Science from the Scientist who created the MRnA technology and the doctors curing patients, as well as WHAT TO DO about either the shot you got or how to prevent transmission to you or a loved one continue reading.

This certainly looks strangely like a list of coronavirus strains outlined by John Hopkins University, the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum, for the years 2021-2023: Delta: June 2021 [check] Epsilon: July 2021 Zeta: August 2021 Eta: September 2021 Theta: October 2021 Iota: November 2021 Kappa: December 2021 Lambda: January 2022 [being talked about] Mu: February 2022 No: March 2022 Ksi: April 2022 Omicron: May 2022 Pi: June 2022 Rho: July 2022 Sigma: August 2022 Tau: September 2022 Upsilon: October 2022 Phi: November 2022 Chi: December 2022 Psi: January 2023 Omega: February 2023

Moral to the story -if you think that getting the shot will allow you to go back to a “normal life” then you are sadly mistaken. This is about control and a takeover of your freedoms in every way. All you must do is study the World Economic Forum and its website and you will see what has been planned for us all for a very long time. When a neighbor brought over her computer one day several months ago, I was shocked. I knew about the “New World Order”, medical tyranny and corruption and strange laws being shoved down our throat that didn’t make sense, but I never knew they had a website as extensive as this one. I just couldn’t believe it. But there it was, clear as day.

Before the unleashing of the “virus” I was at a cancer conference and we were warned forced vax was coming for adults, they just didn’t know how it would be enforced or how it would come about. At the time, those following vax research closely thought it might just be implemented with the new Real ID we in the USA had to apply for prior to a certain date. That conference was in October 2019. Just a little over 4 months later these speakers were absolutely correct as the CV narrative took over the world with lockdowns and coming mandatory vax(s).

Soooo – what to do about it…

First, I want to lead you to some Important websites that are loaded with information on what is being found in the shots, in patients, hospitals and in research. You will also find lawyer drawn up documents for fighting back against businesses and schools trying to coerce/force you or your children into the shot.

Many protocols are listed on how to heal from covid if you get it, or how to neutralize the graphene oxide if you have been around those who have gotten the shot, or if you have gotten the shot yourself. There is a plethora of information to be educated on. I learned a lot through Dr. Merritt’s videos which can be found on her front page of her website listed below.

My favorite websites for information I can trust are:

· Dr. Lee Merritt –

· Dr. Sherry Tennpenny –

· FLCCC – Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance

· America’s Frontline Doctors –

(You can find some real interesting videos on this site)

You can also go to my Telegram channel:

It is loaded with research I have done, as well as from doctors and researchers from around the world. Doctors I work closely with will also send me data daily and I will add that to the channel as well. It is much easier for me to add it to this channel than update it on . Make sure to hit “Join” at the bottom of the Telegram channel so you will get notified of new research (it can be seen in your chat list). So far, this avenue of communication has not been censored. Pinned at the top right of the page will also have pertinent health data and healing programs (Look for the little push pin).

A few FACTS that have been discovered:

· Covid-19 has still not been isolated so it can’t be tested

· Covid-19 is comprised of about 70% Influenza A and 30% Influenza B

· According to the CDC the PCR tests don’t work (and never did due to the spin rate)

· The PCR tests have graphene oxide on them

· The blue masks you see handed out everywhere (they are from China) and they too have graphene oxide on them and even say on the box that they do NOT prevent transmission of coronavirus, disease, viruses, etc. (And if you actually think a homemade mask is going to prevent transmission from a “deadly virus” you need to link again. If it truly was deadly, people would be dropping dead everywhere, including restaurants, grocery stores and big box retail and there would be no more homeless population. THINK)

· Every mask worn and then tested by a doctor have been loaded with parasites, viruses, and bacteria (It is why we breathe OUT. We are getting rid of toxins. Makes sense, right?)

· Forcing people to get the shots goes against the Nuremberg Code

· There are no tests for variants. Therefore, there are NO variants that can be proven

One more fact I want to make sure you are aware of and that is that the gene altering MRnA technology that is involved in the shots was NEVER intended for human or animal use. That statement is straight from the creator of this technology. When he saw what the pharm companies were doing with his Artificial Intelligence technology, he came forward to warn people about what he knows since he’s the one who created it. You can find his testimony here in these next two videos:

This next video is from a Pfizer Whistleblower confirming that the Covid injections are Poisonous Bioweapons.

All these FACTS can be found in research documents on the list of websites and my Telegram channel listed above. We must all do our own research and not listen to mainstream media. If you don’t know about Operation Mockingbird, it’s something else you should understand. It is how we are being “guided” in our thought process.

Okay – now for the good stuff.

How to

Neutralize Graphene Oxide from Transmission or Injection

while simultaneously

Boosting the Immune System

The information presented is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or prescribe for any medical or psychological condition, nor to prevent, treat, mitigate, or cure such conditions. The information contained herein is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a doctor or qualified healthcare professional. Therefore, this information is not intended as medical advice, but rather a sharing of knowledge and information based on research and personal experience. Triumph Over Health, LLC encourages you to make your own health care decisions based on your judgment and research in partnership with a doctor or qualified healthcare professional.

After going through a multitude of documents, studying a variety of doctors and what they are doing to neutralize the effects from the shots, I have put together a plan for myself and my family to decrease our chances of having to deal with anything related to covid and the injections. I am sharing this plan with you below in addition to links to the supplements we use.

If any of you know my background, you know that I have fully recovered from Stage IV Melanoma Cancer using Advanced Medicine techniques not easily discovered or shared among health professionals. Therefore, I ONLY put into my body the purest of supplements and nutraceuticals. I have done thousands of hours of medical research to locate these supplements and trustworthy suppliers. I am sharing these sources with you now.

Please feel free to share this post with everyone you can.

We must do what we can to help each other survive in these trying times. Again, you can find these protocols listed in the links above as well as my Telegram channel.

If you haven’t yet signed up for the Living Healthy Newsletter, please do so here. While the world was locked away for the last year and a half, I have completed, and tested, a multitude of products and treatment protocols that I will be sharing in the near future. These treatment protocols have been suppressed so you are in for a treat. You will LOVE what I have discovered! Sign-up HERE.

Supplement protocol for Virus Mitigation and Prevention

This is the program my family and I are currently implementing. The link to the products I have researched are linked just below the title of each supplement. The dosages we are using are included.

Immune Boost Bundle:

Included in bundle with Dosages we are taking:

· Zinc 30-40 mg per day, am

· Quercetin 500 mg per day, am

· Vitamin C 1000 mg, 2x/day, am, pm

· Vitamin D3 Adults: 5000-10,000 iu, am (check levels after a couple of months to make sure your levels are at least 55. I always make sure mine are between 80-100)

The supplements in this bundle help tremendously from the fall out of all these “shots” whether you were injected or those around you have been. These supplements are all pertinent for neutralizing damaging spike proteins we are being exposed to from those vaxxed.



3 capsules 30 minutes prior to bedtime

Video Lecture on the Research of Melatonin:

Melatonin is NOT a hormone as previously thought. It is known to stop metastasis of cancer and so much more!!!! It is also being recommended to prevent damage from the radiation from the Covid shots. In fact, I take very high doses of melatonin before having to do a CT Scan in order to prevent harmful radiation going into my cells. The nano particles/graphene oxide that is loaded in the shots are being transmitted to all of us. This helps tremendously! This brand has been researched from the number one researcher of Melatonin. (and it’s cheap!) Just make sure to order the capsules and make sure they are veggie caps! It does NOT dissolve in water so capsules make it easy to take.

NAC (n-acetyl-l-cysteine):


1 veggie capsule (750mg) am, empty stomach

NAC is a must in the fight against these spike proteins/graphene oxide. NAC leads to the making of glutathione which is needed to deactivate the graphene oxide. A Spanish doctor actually was the one that discovered how to neutralize the graphene oxide. You can listen to his discovery and recommendations here:

DMG (Dimethyl Glycine):


200 mg 2-3x/day if you had vax/ or have shedding symptoms. 1x/day if not. This may help the epigenetic control problem, but in any case, it is still a good metabolic supplement



1 cap, am, pm on empty stomach

Selenium feeds your white blood cells which is your immune system. If you have thyroid issues, it also supports the thyroid (a hormone that is in every cell in the body)

Where to Get Ivermectin & Hydroxy-chloroquine:

· To get a prescription: Americas Frontline Doctors at or

· For a direct link to the list of doctors prescribing outpatient Covid-19 therapy with an online, phone or text consultation:

· To purchase at an online pharmacy outside of the USA. These websites were given from Dr. Merritt as an example. Neither she, nor I endorse them, however they are examples:

Note: If you are in need of at least getting some quinine into your system (active ingredient in Hydroxy-chloroquine) you can purchase Fever Tree Tonic Water (yellow label). It can be purchased at Target and Safeway or on Amazon here:

· For protocols go to or to under “Protocols for Using Hydroxychloroquine and More”

· For prevention Dr. Merritt said she herself does the following: “Here is how I do prophylaxis. If I am going to be on a plane or traveling, or I think I’ve spent time in close contact with a vaccinated person, I will take Ivermectin

  • o Day 1: 12 mg

  • o Day 3: 12 mg

  • o Repeat monthly if still in a high-risk environment

· Another protocol for Prophylaxis for being around vaccinated people

.3 mg/kg of body weight = 1 Dose (You must calculate your dose based on your body weight)

  • o Day 1 take dose

  • o Day 3 take dose

  • o Repeat following week – Day 1 & 3

  • o Repeat 1x/week for 8 weeks

· Dr. Merritt continues by saying that in over 27 controlled trials this has significantly reduced risk of Covid by up to 73%. Treatment of actual Covid disease is trickier, but if a person gets it easily within 5 days mostly it can be snuffed out with either Ivermectin daily for 3-5 days at doses in the protocols, or Hydroxychloroquine, 400 mg first dose, then 200 mg twice daily for 5-14 days.

To Read about Ivermectin Success Stores:

Fun Fact:

There are currently 60 trials, 39 of them already peer-reviewed, involving 21,874 patients and 574 scientists, proving without a doubt that Ivermectin effectively treats this virus going around.

These trials are showing 85% improvement for prevention, 74% improvement for early treatment, and 43% improvement for late treatment. This is not pharma science. This is science conducted by heroic independent doctors and researchers from around the world, with no financial incentives to promote this medicine. (If you want to see something really amazing, research how much profit all the pharma companies pushing out the shots have made in the last couple of months and how much doctors are receiving for pushing the shots. The stats are on my Telegram channel.)

How to Make Homemade Hydroxy-chloroquine:


Dr. Judy Mikovitz who has studied viruses her entire career (she worked on the Aids Virus with NO MASKS OR PPE equipment because she understands how viruses are actually transmitted…) has talked about Pine Needle tea as a possible antidote for the vax due to it having Suramin. However, a Food Chemist and Product Formulator who is also a neurosurgeon by trade has warned me against using (or recommending others) Pine Needle tea due to Creosote being an active ingredient in Pine Needle Tea. Creosote damages the liver so if a person is already immune compromised then this can cause big problems. He has instead recommended Fennel Seed Tea which also has Suramin but is much safer to take. A great article written about how this antidote is thought to work:

Fennel Seed Tea:


1. Bring 8oz of filtered water to a rolling boil (do NOT microwave)

2. Pour water into a mug and sprinkle 1 teaspoon of Fennel seeds in water and stir

3. Seep for at least 5 minutes

4. Strain off seeds

5. Drink the tea

Other Supplements to Consider

Zeolite Cellular Detox:

4 sprays sublingual, 2-3x/day



3 drops, immediately follow with purified water and swallow

Iodine fights infections, disinfects and kills viruses and bacteria. I even put a couple of drops in a bowl full of water to disinfect my fruits and vegetables before eating. It is also a crucial element to support a healthy thyroid, balance hormones and stimulate metabolism.



1 capsule, 2-4x/day

Did you know that the majority of all individuals hospitalized are deficient in magnesium? It is a crucial element needed for overall health and longevity. I never go without it.



1 capsule am, empty stomach

If you want to keep bad bacteria out of the gut (where the majority of disease starts), then supplementing with good bacteria is a must.

Hydrogen Water:

Decreases oxidative stress by over 70%! These shots cause an immense amount of oxidative stress. You can purchase a water pitcher (which I have), a sink unit or now an on-the-go water bottle.

There is a load of research on the website to go over.

Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin Seed Oil):

Benefits of Black Cumin Seed Oil

New research out on Nigella Sativa

Please note:

This is not designed to create fear in you. Instead, it is to educate you on where to find real and credible research for those actually working with the creators of the technology placed in the shots or those working with 1000’s of patients.

This information is also meant to empower you to take control of your own health and learn what it takes to create a healthy and strong immune system.

May you not only beat Covid and neutralize the graphene oxide from the shots, but also elevate your health to a whole new level.

Praying for everyone during this difficult and confusing time. ♥

Up Next: Stay tuned for another healing program that not only kills Coronavirus, but also all other pathogens, viruses, bacteria, AND cancer. This program also dissipates blood clots, decreases inflammation, heals brain issues and blocks nerve pain while detoxing the body. It can truly bring your health to a whole new level! Make sure you sign-up for the Living Healthy Newsletter so you don’t miss out on this hidden healing program.


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