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How do you figure out what you should be eating to be healthy and have a strong immune system? This is probably the most confusing health topic for most people. It's extremely frustrating to try and figure out what is healthy for you and which diet you should be on for your particular body. Questions most people ask themselves and their friends about food and diets when they are really determined to make a healthy change are, "Should I be on a Keto Diet? Paleo Diet? Autoimmune Paleo Diet? Mediterranean Diet? Whole30 Diet? Sugarfree Diet? Raw Diet? Vegan/Vegetarian Diet?, etc. etc." And if this isn't confusing enough, people then wonder and ask, "Should I be Gluten Free? Dairy Free? Nightshade Free? Nut Free? All of the above?" Then if they are really inquisitive, they might ask, "Should I partake in Fasting? Intermittent Fasting? Juicing? Drink Alkaline Water? Distilled Water? Hydrogen Water? Reverse Osmosis Water? Should I drink Alcohol?" And these questions can go on and on and on...

Unfortunately, most people don't get help answering these questions from their doctor(s) because the majority of medical schools today only educate their students on nutrition for about 1-3 hours in their ENTIRE medical school program. How medical professionals can honestly think that nutrition plays little or no part to overall health infuriates me. Believe it or not, you can walk into a large majority of cancer clinics - those housing some of the sickest people on earth, and bowls of CANDY will be there for the patients to "snack on." I have even heard with my own ears from several doctors that nutrition has no baring on good health and healing. I strongly beg to differ...

Our bodies are very complex machines. Scientists today still only know about 30% of a human bodies systems and functions. There is still so much to learn! But if we think logically about our bodies physiology and functions, it stands to reason that if you put junk in and on the body, then the body WILL break down, it's just a matter of time. Long ago, even the brilliant scientist Thomas Edison proclaimed, "The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will Cure and Prevent disease with Nutrition." And Ann Wigmore had it right when she stated, "The Food You Eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of Medicine or slowest form of Poison." I have found in my own health journey that both these above statements are irrevocably TRUE.

So, let's get back to diet. I want to first introduce you to the BASICS. What foods should we absolutely NEVER eat, what should we OCCASIONALLY eat, and what should we ENJOY daily, within reason? Let's forget about particular "diets" for now and instead focus on fundamentals. Learning the basics can alone dramatically affect your health for the better.

A well-known Food Scientist/Chemical Pharmacologist and I put together these

FREE Downloadable Food Lists for you, to print out and put on your refrigerator so you can become aware of these 3 food categories. Studying these 3 Food Lists will allow you to understand where you might be "messing up" in the healthy eating department. These lists help you to become aware of what could be poisoning your system causing inflammation, brain fog, excess weight gain, disease and possibly even cancer.

CLICK HERE for your FREE Printable Food Lists

The 3 Food Lists you will receive are:

*Food Items to AVOID at All Times

*Food Items to RARELY Eat

*Food Items to ENJOY

Once you become aware of these extremely important food basics - learning where and how your body could be getting poisoned to compromise your health, I will then educate you on my Diet Philosophy to further your understanding of food and it's healing abilities. I will even direct you to my favorite health books that help provide to you certain healing methods using food as its base. So be looking out for Part II on How To Eat Smart to Be Healthy.

Until then, PRINT YOUR FREE FOOD LISTS NOW so you can learn to Eat Healthy and be on your way to Feeling Great!

In addition, make sure to visit Triumph Over Health's RECIPE SECTION so you can easily follow the Food Lists provided. I not only strive to eat healthy, but FOOD is one of my passions - Creating Recipes & Eating all kinds of wonderful things. I am a true Foodie at heart. What you will find in the Recipe Section is multiple categories of delicious food - created for my family who are all Foodies as well. New recipes are added each week. Enjoy!

Wishing you Health, Wellness and Happiness,

♥ Tina Buenzli

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