Medications & Vaccines Have Pull Out Information Sheets ~ READ THEM!

Reading a Pull-Out Information Sheet is REALLY IMPORTANT for your health and for that of your family. What is a Pull-Out Information Sheet? It's that tiny, crumbled up piece of paper you find in the box or inside of your medications and supplements' bottle. It contains information such as what the medication is supposed to achieve for you, as well as additives, side effects and when NOT to take the given supplement or medication. Even your standard aspirin bottle has a Pull-Out Sheet.

It's also important to be aware that Vaccines and Flu Shots also have Pull-Out Information Sheets, but doctors most times do not willingly give you the sheet unless you demand to have it. Why? Because vaccines and flu shots are pediatric office's number one money maker. That's right - if multiple patients decided that the allergens, additives and/or side effects in that given injection were not worth the risk, it could cost that office a lot of revenue. So unless you ask for the Information Sheet, more than likely it won't be given to you. And if it was, you might be pressured to hurry up and receive the shot without having adequate time to review the data.

Over the last couple of years I began to hear "rumblings" about making sure I read any and all Pull-Out Sheets, for not only myself, but my family as well. I became really educated on this issue when one of my kids was going to study abroad and he was being pressured to receive a vaccine before departure. At my request, he asked the school nurse for the Pull-Out Sheet for the recommended vaccine. She was hesitant at first, but finally sent it to me. Boy - was I SHOCKED at what I read!!! Not only had this vaccine NOT actually been tested on the actual disease with any positive outcome, but it had horrible additives and side-effects, AND if you had the slightest health issue, it could cause death!!! (NO - my child did NOT have the vaccine before studying abroad. We instead boosted his immune system to keep his body strong while away. More on this in another post.)

Education continued when I had my Endometriosis excision surgery and found that despite my diligence with all doctors and surgeons, medications with my known allergies were still given to me. Thank goodness my local Pharmacist was willing to work overtime on my case to figure out why I was having such severe reactions to "clean" medications. He took the time to research each medication I was given by finding and reading the Pull-Out Sheets I didn't know I could ask for.

Just last year I had a new doctor studying my body (I'm a specimen to many doctors due to the severity and extensiveness of my diseases and infections) and he found the Pertussis Vaccine at high levels in my body holding up complete healing of several systems. I was SHOCKED! Because the vaccine sample I was tested on was 30 years old, all we could surmise was that I had possibly received multiple "vaccines" while nursing my 3 kids, now all in their 20's. I had 3 children within 3 1/2 years, so it was possible I received a lot of exposure within a short amount of time by exchanging fluids. Is it a fact? Not at all. But how else could I have such high levels in my system? If I had known to ask for and read the Pull-Out Sheets for the various vaccines, I might have been able to prevent my exposure, AS WELL AS THE VACCINE INJURY TO ONE OF MY KIDS.

These three experiences were just the beginning to my discoveries. They encouraged me to study and read each and every Pull-Out Sheet for every supplement and medication I (or my family) needed or wanted to ingest. When I say on my SHOP ONLINE Section of the website that I have THOROUGHLY researched each and every product, I hope you believe that I have after reading this blog post.

All in all, I'm not saying NOT to have vaccines or flu shots, but I am ENCOURAGING you to ask for any and all Pull-Out Information Sheets so you are AWARE BEFORE THE SHOT what your risk factors are. I also want to encourage to read these Pull Out Sheets even for your favorite aspirin and/or supplements. You might find that a switch is in order for a healthier version. It is much easier to take the time to educate yourself before administering, rather than having to educate yourself on how to try to reverse what was done.

A picture to contemplate and why I encourage to do your own research on the subject...

Wishing you a healthy and long and happy life,

♥ Tina Buenzli

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