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8 Essential Steps For Achieving True Health

I am overcome with emotion this morning. Sometimes it just hits me how important my job is, my now chosen profession, to bring to you and the world, the best resources I can possibly research, and have been researching for over 20 years, so that way True Health can be achieved. Week after week I receive several calls, texts, emails and personal encounters with people suffering, filled with fear with new diseases diagnosed for them or a loved one. Sometimes I encounter someone who is overcome with grief because they recently lost a family member or close friend and they just had no idea that the resources I provide even existed. I try to block and shield myself from these emotions, so I can help swiftly and with everything I’ve got without it hurting my own health, but sometimes I just need to stop and let myself feel these feelings. I need to sometimes remind myself that I believe I am doing the best I can to help those in need, and HOPE that they get the needed information in time, and then have the strength and determination to go after the HEAL.

This Blog post is going to be fast and easy – if I had to summarize QUICKLY what STEPS a person needs to take to gain back their health, what every Blog post I write from now on and every Resource I provide throughout the site will center around, it will be these


I WANT TO STRESS THAT THESE ACTIONS ARE CRUCIAL TO TRIUMPH OVER HEALTH - to live a clean and balanced life in today's world. I PROMISE YOU – I will continually bring you resources that will help you to succeed in each of these areas. As new research or resources come to light, I will post about these as well, and I will swap out the new data for what I previously had in that area. I WILL do the best by you, to help you TRIUMPH OVER HEALTH.

So here goes, here are the STEPS you need to seriously consider adding into your life for your health, as well as for those in your family.

Think “Baby Steps” – Pick one thing a month (if your health has the time to wait) and consider incorporating it into your life. Look at my resources, research others, and decide whether it is right for you and your family. At the end of the year –


All my very best,

♥ Tina Buenzli


1. CLEAN WATER – Drink it! Half your body weight, in ounces, EVERY DAY.

Shower in clean water too. If you can’t afford to purchase a whole house water filtration system, then consider buying a filter that sits on your kitchen sink, so you can at least drink purified water daily. I have and do use both systems. I even have a filter I use when I travel. You can find which water filter I use HERE . Clean water is crucial to health and healing.


There are too many toxins to count that we are exposed to DAILY – Food Additives, Unfiltered Water, Air, EMF’s, Toxic Relationships, Face, Body & House Products, etc. Our bodies are only designed to handle, and filter a given number of toxins per day. We have all FAR SURPASSED our daily capabilities. Detox, and you will notice a vast improvement in your health. (And yes, I will be educating you soon on how to detox each organ, as well as your mind.)


Empty your internal “TRASH CAN.” Skin brush, Rebound on a trampoline, Sauna, Lift weights, Practice Yoga, Cycle, Go for a Run or Hike, Take Detox Baths, Have a Lymph Massage. Do what you can afford. I want you to answer this question –

Would you leave your TOILET UN-FLUSHED for 25, 30, 40, 50 or even 60 YEARS?????

Your lymph system has absolutely no way of flushing itself unless you help it.



You are what your food EATS or is exposed to. Food IS Medicine. It can either help you, or make you sick. Your choice. You will either pay now or pay later.

Check out these Free Downloadable Food Lists HERE and these great resources for obtaining clean, organic food HERE.

5. JUICE – Juice yourself or find it and buy it. JUST DO IT! FRESH AND ORGANIC ONLY Juicing cleans out your cells, alkalizes the body AND GIVES YOUR BODY HIGH DOSES OF NUTRITION STRAIGHT INTO YOUR CELLS. Want to supercharge your system? Then drink a green juice, wait 20 minutes then sit in the sun for 30-40 minutes, exposing as much skin as possible. Trust me…. (Don’t try this in the heat of the day. You don’t want to get burned.)


It is essential to eliminate liver and gall stones that can back up and block essential organs, as well as kill those awful microbes and parasites that tend to sneak in to our body in so many ways. We only have ONE LIVER – if you don’t help it to release these toxins, you WILL GET SICK – It is only a matter of time. And sometimes it isn’t pretty. A great Blog to read on this subject is THIS ONE.


Ingest ONLY pure supplements. Give your body what it’s SCREAMING for. If you have symptoms of ANY KIND, it’s your body TALKING TO YOU. LISTEN TO IT AND FIND OUT WHAT IT’S TRYING TO TELL YOU. If you need some resources for some high quality supplements. These are the actual supplements I have thoroughly researched and take myself.


You are comprised of cells, and these cells are balls of energy and the universe is communicating with you through this energy exchange. Just ask Albert Einstein…. Or better yet – ask God and his many Angels for HELP. Asking for help and guidance, then opening your mind and LISTENING – will allow you to be guided on the right life journey for you. The quieter your mind, the more you will hear.

I look forward to breaking apart each of these 8 Essential Steps throughout this Blog, as well as throughout the website, so I can thoroughly educate you on how to go about achieving your greatest health potential. Trust me, as you start making your way through these steps, you will notice your body, and mind, changing for the better. So much so, you won’t want to go back to your old ways.

Once I started working this system, my skin got a youthful glow, my migraines went away, my brain fog cleared, my body shape returned to where I was happy with how I looked, and I received a LIFE PURPOSE. And those benefits were just the beginning! Once these changes started to happen, I NEVER looked back!

So jump right in and START – SOMEWHERE. Your body will thank you. Trust me – it feels AWESOME to wake up every single morning feeling healthy, happy and filled with gratitude for the life you are living. So get to it, then if you want, email me and let me know your results. I really do care and want to help you Triumph Over Health.

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